5 Days, 5 nations

From Immediate Neighbourhood
to Trans-Atlantic Partners

Symbol of an Enduring Partnership

Prime Minister Modi jointly inaugurated the Afghan-India Friendship Dam (Salma Dam) with President Ghani at Chist-e-Sharif in Herat province in Western Afghanistan. The dam is a landmark infrastructure project undertaken by Government of India on river Hari Rud and will generate 42 MW of power and irrigate 75,000 hectares of land.

"Today with your help a long standing dream of Afghanistan has been realized after 30 years"
- President Ashraf Ghani

A True Brotherhood is Honoured

Prime Minister Modi was conferred with the Amir Amanullah Khan Award. It is the Highest Civilian honour bestowed by Afghan government to Afghan nationals or foreigners in appreciation of their services. Prime Minister Modi is the first Indian to receive this award, which was instituted by the Afghanistan government in 2006. Previous recipients include - US President George Bush, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, NATO General James Jones, former Afghan President spiritual leader Sibghatullah Mujaddedi, and Afghan Chief Justice (CJ) Abdul Salam Azimi

"My deepest gratitude to the Government of Afghanistan for conferring the Amir Amanullah Khan Award"
- Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Advancing A Multi-Sectoral Partnership

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi's two-day official visit to the State of Qatar, the two sides recalled the historical ties between India and Qatar and expressed satisfaction with the current state of bilateral relations underpinned by the regular exchange of high-level visits.



They welcomed the conclusion of seven mutli-sectoral agreements/MOUs and acknowledged that these agreements and those already existing would strengthen the framework for the consolidation of friendship and cooperation between India and Qatar.


Shoulder to Shoulder with Indian Workers Abroad

During his visit, Prime Minister Modi interacted with Indian Workers at a project site in Mesheireb in Downtown Doha.


"India's image is based on the hardwork put in by the Indians everywhere around the world"
- Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Beginning with the Community and Ending with the Community

"When the leaders of other nations I visit praise the achievements of our diaspora, my heart fills with pride and joy"
- Prime Minister Narendra Modi


"People of India in Qatar are never away from India even for a minute. They are re-living India on the soil of Qatar "
- Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Standing together

During Prime Minister Modi’s working visit to Mexico on 8 June 2016, instructed the Foreign Ministers of both countries to develop the roadmap of the Privileged Partnership suitablefor the 21stCentury, in the framework of the Seventh Mexico-India Joint Commission Meeting to be held in Mexico in 2016. They exchanged points of views and welcomed the opportunities offered by the convergence between the National Digital Strategy of Mexico and the Digital India Initiative and pledged to continue promoting the shared goals of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation as well as to continue promoting cooperation on international security issues.

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