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External Affairs Minister's Statement after meeting with families of Indians in captivity in Iraq

February 22, 2015

External Affairs Minister: Here are some family members from Punjab whose relatives are in captivity in Iraq. Today is my sixth meeting with them. Every time when they come, we apprise them with current efforts being made by us to get them released. As I said before, till date we have no evidence if they are alive or dead. But due to the efforts we are putting in, we have been informed by many sources that they are still alive. And we believe that the information is true, so we are still searching for them. Today also, I have apprised them about the progress and the efforts we have made so far. At least they are satisfied to some extent that the government is trying its best. And whenever they want to meet me, I do not hesitate to meet them and I have assured them that I will personally call them, the day we get the concrete evidence. And they know that the government is not taking this matter lightly. We have deployed our full resources to resolve this issue. We have contacted each and every country or each and every person, who we thought might be of help in this matter. And we believe that by the grace of the god, our efforts will definitely succeed.



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