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Statement by Prime Minister ​in Hamburg during BRICS Leaders' Informal meeting (July 07, 2017)​

July 07, 2017

Your Excellencies,
President Xi Jinping,
President Jacob Zuma,
President Michel Temer,
President Vladimir Putin,

First, my thanks to President Xi Jinping for his words of welcome and hosting this meeting. The ups and downs in the international politics and the deteriorating security situation are constantly influencing the global perspective. The spread of terrorism in West Asia; Security threat to Asian and European societies because of it and its growing outbreak in Afghanistan is a serious crisis. Increasing geo-political tensions in Gulf and West Asia and because of North Korea, in East Asia is a matter of concern. Fortunately, global economic growth is improving. India's own economy is growing rapidly. This year, GDP growth is expected to exceed 7%. India's reform agenda is continuously moving forward. Goods and Services Tax, which was implemented last week, is the biggest tax reform in India's history of the past 70 years. This will help businesses, expand India’s GDP and create a unified market of 1.3 billion people.


BRICS is a strong voice of stability, reform, progress and good governance around the world. Our decisions affect the global perspective. For this reason, clear action is required by BRICS on our agenda.

It includes:-

Working together to sustain global economic recovery. Our support to a free and open trading regime centralized at WTO. Sharing voice against growing protectionism and restriction on global movement especially of knowledge, technology, and skilled professionals. BRICS's leadership is required on priorities like climate change and terrorism. It is essential to implement the consent under the Paris Agreement. India will implement the Climate Agreement both in letter and spirit. We must ensure that international financial institutions fully reflect the current economic balance of the world. Early establishment of BRICS Rating Agency should be our common goal. Extending people-to-people ties through exchange of films, sports, culture and young generations is also very important. G20 countries should join forces and take a strong and definitive action against terrorist franchises, terrorist financing, safe havens and their sponsors. BRICS's dynamic and positive momentum under the chairmanship of President Xi has deepened our mutual cooperation. In the end, I congratulate President Xi Jinping for the upcoming nine (9th) BRICS summit and extend my full support.

Thank You.

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