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Twenty five years is a short time in international relations and in many ways India-Israel diplomatic relations are still new and evolving. But when one looks at the past couple of years, it would certainly seem that the relationship has matured- from the still unsure stage of adolescence to confident adulthood, shedding any doubts and artificial constraints. Like any other relationship, this one has also had its share of complications and needed time andnurturing to manage them. Together, we have travelled for some time on a difficult and narrowpath but we have now hit the highway. The relationship is now moving steadily and at a more brisk pace, under the stewardship of our leaders, and developing a solid foundation for the future.

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ASEAN-India Connectivity: Mapping Pathways of Shared Prosperity

It’s an Arc of Prosperity spanning shared dreams and values of over 1.8 billion people of India and 10 ASEAN states. Underpinned by a soaring vision of an Asian century, this rainbow arc is now acquiring new and innovative dimensions as India and ASEAN are getting closely intertwined in a web of co-prosperity through an intricate network of rail, road, air and maritime links. Enhancing connectivity, physical, digital, civilizational and people-to-people, is the animating mantra as the leaders of India and ASEAN hold their special summit on January 2018 to mark the silver jubilee of their blossoming partnership.

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MEA’s Digital Diplomacy Footprint

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has pioneered the use ofdigital technologies and social media platforms to engage with the public and with consistent efforts it has also garnered a place amongst the top government organizations to efficiently incorporate new technologies in its working. These technologies and platforms have proved to be of immense help in shaping up the narrative, communicating with the interlocutors, connecting with Indian diaspora and extending support in crisis situations.

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