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The Laos PDR, a small country inhabited by 5.4 million people (latest estimates), has a total land area of 236,800 sq.kms, stretching more than 1700 kms from north to south and between 100-400 kms east to west. It is a land-locked and mountainous country in the centre of the Indo-China peninsula bordering China and Myanmar in the north, Vietnam in the east, Thailand in the west and Cambodia in the south. The 1865 km stretch of the Mekong river defines the parts of its borders with Myanmar and Thailand, and also serves as a traditional link for Laos to Thailand and Cambodia.

The present Constitution of the Lao PDR was adopted on 15th August 1991. The key thrust of the Constitution is that while the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party is responsible for setting broad policy guidelines, the Government is expected to manage day-to-day administration within the policy guidelines so defined. The present President of the Republic is also the General Secretary of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP). The President can appoint or dismiss the Prime Minister and the Government with the approval of the National Assembly. The National Assembly is elected for a period of five years. The National Assembly meets twice a year and remains in office for five years. Its present strength is 106 members, who were elected to office in 2002.

India’s Association:

  • The Lao SPG CMC Mining Company, a subsidiary of GIMPEX India, has produce approximately 60,717 metric tonnes of iron ore from a 200 hectare mine.
  • India has committed substantial financial assistance for the development of hydropower projects and transmission networks in Lao PDR.
  • India is supporting the development of an integrated watershed management project at Nam Sa river, which would be used to irrigate fields during the dry season and support fisheries as well.
  • The HSMM Group has invested US$ 13.8 million in Agarwood plantations. Another US$ 350 million has been invested by Birla Lao Pulp for Eucalyptus plantations and factories.

Indian missions in Laos

Ambassador of India, Mr. C. Gururaj Rao
002, Ban Wat-Nak, Thadeua Road ( KM3),
PO Box No.225, Sisattanak District, Vientiane.

Telephone: +00-856-21-352301/352302/352303
Fax: +00-856-21-352300, +00-856-21-313235
Website: External website that opens in a new window

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