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January 10, 2017

The Republic of India and the Republic of Rwanda:

Mindful of shared common values and mutual respect for each other, sharing the common goal of rapid economic development, enhancing global peace, ensuring security and eliminating the menace of cross-border terrorism;

Expressing satisfaction in the broad based bilateral cooperation spanning over the past two decades;

Desirous of strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, widening the scope of co-operation and of promoting the mutual interests of their respective people;

Acknowledging their common experiences with colonialism;

Recognizing that both countries are gateways to their respective regions and taking into account India’s growing engagement with the African continent;

Acknowledging the role of India as an important partner for Africa’s development specially the initiatives under the India-Africa Forum Summit;

Convinced of the need for fulfillment of an Afro-Asian destiny in the 21st century and India’s role as a power in the Asia Pacific;

Driven by complementarities between the economies of India and Rwanda and opportunities for partnerships across diverse areas;

Resolving to maximise the economic potential of both countries to reflect the ongoing transformation of their economies and the global economic order.

Acknowledging that the United Nations’ structures need to be more representative of the current realities that reflect the concerns and diversities of the developing world;

Appreciating the role played by both countries in the field of international peace and security by committing regularly to various UN peacekeeping Missions;

Convinced that terrorism is the single biggest global threat to civil societies and recognizing the need to isolate countries, which support cross-border terrorism;

Understanding the impacts of Climate Change, acknowledge the importance of Paris Agreement and the role of International Solar Alliance in supporting access to renewable energy across the world;

Reiterating their respect for each other’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, India and Rwanda have decided to elevate their multi-faceted cooperation to a strategic partnership with focus on key areas for the prosperity of both countries and regions. India and Rwanda have agreed to:

  • Hold high-level exchanges with increased periodicity,
  •  Double bilateral trade in five years,
  •  Cooperate to promote investments in mutually beneficial projects,
  •  Collaborate closely on counterterrorism cooperation including blocking financing of terrorist activities, removing safe havens for terrorists and preventing money laundering,
  •  Support each other at the United Nations, WTO & other multilateral fora on matters of mutual interest,
  •  Promote people to people exchanges especially in movement of professionals in areas like Information Technology, Teaching, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
India and Rwanda will work closely to implement this strategic partnership.


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