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Translation of Concluding Remarks by the Prime Minister at Namaste Trump Event, Ahmedabad

February 25, 2020

Thank you. Thank You Mr. President.

What you just said about India, you paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda and Sardar Patel, said about the strength, achievements and culture of the people of India. Said a lot about me too. I express my gratitude to you on behalf of every Indian for this. President Trump has not only increased the pride of India, but has also honored Indians living in America. Mr. President, from where you have addressed Indians, is the largest stadium in the world. Some sports related facilities are under construction here. Nevertheless, your coming here will also encourage everyone associated with the sports world. I also thank the Gujarat Cricket Association.

They made this fantastic venue available for this program. It may have changed their completion time table, but I am sure they will make it up. Friends, whether two people or two countries are concerned, its biggest basis is trust. Trust on each other. We have also been told here, 'Tan Mitram Yatra Viswasam' i.e. Friendship is where trust is unshakable. In the last few years, the confidence between India and America has reached a new height, which has been strengthened, it is historical. In my visits to America, I have seen this belief grow stronger day by day. I remember when I first met President Trump in Washington, he told me, "India has a true friend in the white house". President Trump has always shown this special love towards India. As you mentioned when Diwali is celebrated in the white house, four million Indians living in America also take pride in being a companion of America's prosperity and progress.

Friends, Like America, today India also has unprecedented impatience for change. Today, one hundred and thirty crores of Indians are together building New India. Our youth power is full of aspiration. Setting big goals, achieving them is becoming the hallmark of New India today. Today not only the world's largest stadium is in India, but today India is also running the world's largest health assurance scheme. Today, the world's largest solar park has not only been built in India but today the world's largest sanitation program is also going on in India.

Today, India is not only creating a world record for sending the most satellites simultaneously, today India is also creating a world record by doing the fastest financial inclusion. In the twenty-first century, whether we have an infrastructure or social sector, we are moving ahead with the global benchmark. In the recent past, India has not only abolished fifteen hundred old laws but has also made new laws to empower the society.

Transgender individuals should have rights, respect Muslim women by enacting a law against triple divorce, give priority to divorced people, women have twenty-six weeks of paid maternity leave during pregnancy. We have ensured many such rights for different sections of society.

Friends, I am happy that in the midst of these changes taking place in India, today America has become a trusted partner of India. Today, the country which is the largest trading partner of India, then that country is America. Today, the country with which the army of India is carrying out most joint- war exercises, then that country is America. Today the country with which India has the most business research and development partnership, then that country is America. Today, whether it is defence, energy sector, health, information technology, in every field, the scope of our relationship is constantly becoming stronger.

Friends, In this decade of the twenty-first century, New India resurgence has also brought many new possibilities, many new opportunities for America. Both countries have much to gain in every area of ​​development. Increasing manufacturing in India, better infrastructure, will bring new possibilities for America. In this era of industry 4.0, expansion of digital economy in India will create many investment opportunities for America as well. Mr. President has played a very important role in shaping the relationship between India and America in the digital economy in the past decades. Indian talent and American technology have given new leadership to these areas. And I believe that in the twenty-first century, India and America together are capable of leading the digital age, industry 4.0.

Friends, in the twenty-first century, new alignment, new competition, new challenges, and new opportunities are laying the foundation for change.

In such a situation, the relations and cooperation of India and America will have an important role in deciding the direction of the twenty-first century world. I am clear that India and America are natural partners. We can make an effective contribution not only in the Indo-pacific region but in the peace, progress and security of the whole world. The commitment of America and the leadership of President Trump to defeat terrorism have served humanity. And that's why I believe that a unique leader like President Trump and the unique friendship of India, coming to India at the beginning of this decade is a huge opportunity.

We started the beginning of strengthening Indo-American relations in the past and now we have started a separate phase with this visit. We are inspired by a long term vision, not just for short term consideration. Our bilateral relation will grow, our economic partnership will expand, our digital cooperation will grow, and I am confident that we are going to cross new heights, the dreams that India will take. It has been, the dreams that America is taking, we will together fulfill those dreams. Today, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to welcome President Trump and his entire family. I will once again urge all of you to speak this slogan of Namaste Trump, Bharat Mata Ki jai !, Bharat Mata Ki jai !, India-US friendship long live, long live India-US friendship, long live India- US friendship.

Disclaimer: PM's speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of the speech.

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