Indian Mission Indian Mission

Embassy of India, Beijing

5, Liang Ma Qiao Bei Jie
Chaoyang District, Beijing,
People's Republic of China
Telephone: 00-86-10-85312500 / 2501 / 2502 / 2503
E-Mail: hoc[dot]beijing[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (HOC)

Ambassador: Mr. Vikram Misri Deputy Chief of Mission: Mr. Acquino Vimal

Latest News/Events

  • 1008, Shanghai International Trade Centre,
    2201, Yan An [West] Road, Shanghai –200336,
    P.R. China.
    Consul General: Mr. Anil Kumar Rai
    Telephone: 00-86-21-62758882 / 85 / 86
    Fax: 00-86-21-62758881, 62956892 (Consular Wing)
    E-Mail: cg[dot]shanghai[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in(Consul General), hoc[dot]shanghai[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in(HOC Commercial), ccons[dot]shanghai[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in(Consular), cinf[dot]shanghai[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in(Consul Press Information Culture), vcons[at]indianconsulate[dot]org[dot]cn(Admin), aco[dot]shanghai[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in(Visa Protocol), acoppt[dot]shanghai[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in(Passports Consular)

  • 16-D, United Centre, 95 Queensway,
    Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR,
    China. [*Also administrative/consular jurisdiction for Macau (SAR, PRC)].
    Consul General: Mr. Puneet Agrawal
    Telephone: 00-852-39709900, 39709922
    Fax: 00-852-28664124(Gen), 25281647 (Visa)
    E-Mail: cg[dot]hongkong[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (CG), hoc[dot]hongkong[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (HOC), consular[at]cgihk[dot]gov[dot]in (Consular), commerce[at]cgihk[dot]gov[dot]in (Commerce), eco[at]cgihk[dot]gov[dot]in (Economic), consular[at]cgihk[dot]gov[dot]in (Consular), visa[at]cgihk[dot]gov[dot]in (Visa)

  • 1-4, 14th Floor, Haihang Dasha (HNA) Tower, 8 Linhe Zhong Road, Tianhe Distt.,
    Peoples Republic of China.
    Consul General: Mr. Sujit Ghosh
    Telephone: 00-86-20-85501501 to 05
    Fax: 00-86-20-85501510 (General), 85501513 (Consular)
    E-Mail: cg[dot]guangzhou[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (CG), hoc[dot]guangzhou[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (administration), com[dot]guangzhou[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (commerce), visa[dot]guangzhou[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (visa), cons2[dot]guangzhou[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (Consular), consulic[dot]guangzhou[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (Culture Press and Indian community Welfare), cons[dot]guangzhou[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (Passports), cgo[dot]guangzhou[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in (CG s Office)

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