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Nigeria: Indian hospital separates conjoined twins after 10-hour surgery

August 25, 2013

All Africa/by Ibrahim Musa Giginyu

At last, all hopes are not lost for Malama Badariyya Badaru, mother of one-year-two-month-old twins with joined vertebrate and one anus. The conjoined twins were successfully separated in an Indian hospital.

The babies, Hassana and Hussaina, as they were named, were born at Murtala Muhammed Specialist Hospital, Kano last year. When their peculiar situation became clear to the hospital's officials, the twins were referred, few hours later to the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital's (AKTH) Intensive Care Unit. At AKTH, the parents were told that a total of N600, 00.00 was needed for the surgery.

That marked the beginning of their parents' predicament. Malama Badariyya's husband and father of the conjoined twins is a classroom teacher who could not afford the said amount of money needed for the surgery.

They appealed to the public for assistance. After some investigations at the AKTH, doctors found out that instead of having a separate vertebral column the twins were joined at the tail end of their vertebrate, forming a 'U' shape. They also share one anus; even as their kidneys had some form of malfunctioning threats.

Narrating her ordeal via a telephone conversation with Sunday Trust, Malama Badariyya said she and her husband had lost hope and were just waiting to see what fate had in stock for them when a Kano-based philanthropist came to their rescue. According to the mother of the conjoined twins, "The doctors told us that, with the operation, we stood to lose one of the babies. I was traumatised. I was confused as to which of my babies would die because I had become fond of them. They seemed to be in a very good condition, though. But later on I gave in to fate, hoping that the operation would be done successfully, and let the one that Allah wishes stay.

"But even at that, the money to conduct the operation was not realised. My husband and I began to lose hope on the survival of our children, until when help came our way through a God-sent philanthropist. Here we are today! My children are separated and they are all doing well. The doctors told us that the girls would soon be discharged after the conclusion of the next surgery on their anus," Malama Badariyya stated.

According to the excited mother, the surgery lasted for 10 hours and their fear of losing one of them was erased, as both girls were pronounced safe and healthy. "I came here with the feeling that we were going to lose one of the babies, but here we are! God in his infinite mercy, both girls are living," said Badariyya.

The surgery was successfully conducted at Dr B L Kapur Memorial Hospital, New Delhi in India under the stewardship of Dr Prashant Jain, Consultant Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Urology.

(The views expressed above are the personal views of the writer)

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Nigeria: Indian hospital separates conjoined twins after 10-hour surgery


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