Official Spokesperson's response a question on the statement issued by Manhattan US Attorney on December 18

December 19, 2013

In response to a question on the statement issued by Manhattan US Attorney on December 18, the Official Spokesperson said:

"We have seen the statement issued by the Manhattan US Attorney on December 18.

We need to keep in mind the simple fact that there is only one victim in this case. That victim is Devyani Khobragade - a serving Indian Diplomat on mission in the United States.

The action taken against her was not in keeping with the Vienna Convention. There were no courtesies in the treatment that was meted out to the diplomat, under the normal definition of that word in the English language.

The statement includes remarks about equality before the law of both the rich and the poor. Not only is this a rhetorical remark that is not conducive to resolving "inaccuracies", it is also not a feature of the law that is exclusive to the office of the Manhattan US Attorney.

The statement in question acknowledges that legal processes were in place in India. Yet, incredibly, it invites speculation about why it was necessary to evacuate the family of Ms Richards and about the action purportedly being taken against them. The implication of this remarkable admission needs to be considered very carefully with regard to the implicit comment it makes about the Indian legal system, Indian law enforcement authorities, and the responsibility that legal officials of a foreign government seem to arrogate upon themselves with regard to the nationals of another country. It needs to be asked what right a foreign government has to "evacuate" Indian citizens from India while cases are pending against them in the Indian legal system.

The statement underlines the compulsion that is felt by the Manhattan US Attorney's office "to make sure that victims, witnesses and their families are safe and secure while cases are pending."

This is precisely why, when there is a prior legal process already underway in India, the Manhattan US Attorney should consider it obligatory to enable justice to take its course in India in the first instance. When the legal process in another friendly and democratic country is interfered with in this manner, it not only amounts to interference but also raises the serious concern of calling into question the very legal system of that country.

This statement is one more attempt at a post facto rationalization for an action that should never have taken place in the first instance."

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  • Prof. kanchi vijay srinath Wrote

    January 11, 2014

    The Khobragade case is another instance of US arrogance. Before arguing that US treats every of its citizen equally, one should also note that it should also respect the legal systems of other countries and when there is some case being investigated. It should also note that what it expects for its citizens and diplomats, it should reciprocate and extend the same with equal sensitivities to others. If you are committed to equal justice, it should reflect in your actions too. Further does it not tantamount to infringement of law when you evacuate citizens of other countries without informing that so called ally of yours? Does it not remind one of the Rabinder Singh's episode where CIA lifted from India its mole to US? When one citizen of US is harmed even in small way, US retaliates by killing hundreds. Is it fair and legal? Why are US diplomats enjoying out of the way benefits in host countries such as duty free unlimited liquor and food and luxurious facilities where as they fail even to extend civilian courtesies to others? This is nothing short of US hegemony and display of its arrogance.

  • ross lil Wrote

    January 09, 2014

    ..Back home she and her Administrative officer father are culprits. With bribery and other all across India they by properties some with fake documents especially in the state os Maharastra.. I think the government is investigating..Because of the influence of her father and politicl parties these people donot go to jail.If they go, within 24 hrs with the political party they will our of jail within 24 hrs. The Indian government downgraded previleges in some categories in American Embassies in India. The same thing the US has to here in Indian Embassies . Iam an Indian I donot feel any sympathies to her. American should stop sharing intelligence with India and pull American businessfrom India.

  • Proud Indian Wrote

    December 25, 2013

    I am a pround Indian American and I am lucky to be part of both of these two great countries. We are required to follow the law of the land where ever we live in the world. US sees its residents/citizen equally regardless of their color, religion, culture, race, social status, rich, poor, political influence. Here everyone is treated equally. Regardless... We as Indian should learn from it. JUST BECAUSE DEVYANI IS A CONSULAR LEVEL DIPLOMAT IT DOES NOT GIVE HER ANY RIGHT TO BREAK THE LAW OF THE LAND. She represents INDIA in the US....every Indian respect and honor US law as it is the land that provides security, safety and freedom more than our own country. We enjoy corruption free privileges in the US on a daily bribes, no bhai bhatijawad (favor system by affluent people) In India bureaucrats can get away with murder, Ministers and their children abuse their power all the time. These Beaurocrats thinks that they can show that attitude in a CIVILIZED world as well. NO THEY MUST HONOR THE LAW OF THE LAND. THERE IS ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE IN US AND WE ARE THANKFUL FOR THAT HERE... UNLIKE OUR MOTHER LAND INDIA WHERE LAW IS BENT TO ACCOMMODATE THE BEAUROCRATS ON A DAILY BASIS..... INSTEAD OF REPRIMENDING DEVYANI FOR BREAKING the LAW, INDIAN GOVERNMENT IS ENCOURAGING HER LAWLESS NATURE BY POSTING HER TO UN MISSION IN ORDER TO GET HER HIGHER DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY....SHAME ON YOU...LEAVE BHAI BHATIJA WAD IN INDIA....STOP EMBARASSING...

  • Ben Wrote

    December 21, 2013

    Mr. Bharar is condoning the massive humiliation and privacy invasion committed by the US government for an alleged offence on the grounds that this was standArd procedure. In fact it was not and the government t of India responded correctly. I urge your office to investigate the labor conditions, abuse and maltreatment by American oil and drilling companies operating in India by interviewing those workers and visiting the rigs first hand. Investigate how alcohol, drugs, pornography and other prohibited substances find their way so easily to those rigs. Find out how garbage and junk are being tossed overboard into the ocean (what they call the Big Blue locker) and publish a white paper on your findings. They will shock even those zealous law abiding Americans like Mr Preet Bhrar. There are several other similAr situations where the govt of India allows these cowboy Americans to operate without any checks and balances. Perhaps this one is cor the investigative arm of the New York Post. India should be proud of its accomplishments and not subservient to the US.AA

  • Ravi Wrote

    December 19, 2013

    Being a PIO living abroad, I have absolutely no sympathies for Devyani. She committed a visa fraud; which is nothing to do with her consular duties and must face a US court. If there is anyone in this entire episode who has brought glory to India, that is Preet Bharara by doing his duty. Hats off to him. It is time that the India elite get out of this VIP culture and stop getting offended frisking at airports abroad.

  • Dennis Taraporewala Wrote

    December 19, 2013

    In this one I completely back my government. The people of India want an UNCONDITIONAL APOLOGY from the United States or please arrest their consular officers and Nancy's team. Strip search them please.

  • Indian Wrote

    December 19, 2013

    Was the family forcibly evacuated from India? If not, then it is safe to assume that the family wanted to be in US, and went there on free will. Why hasn't the MEA commented on the allegations made by the maid on the diplomat? Is it true that the diplomat gave false information in the visa application for the maid?

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