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Official Spokesperson's response to a question on Prime Minister's invitation to US President to attend the Republic Day as Chief Guest

November 21, 2014

In response to a question on P​rime ​M​inister​'s invitation to US President to attend the Republic Day as Chief Guest​ the Official Spokesperson ​stated that

"Prime Minister had a very successful visit to USA earlier during the year in September. Following this, as a personal initiative, he did extend an invitation to President Obama to be the Chief Guest of our next Republic Day celebrations during a diplomatic conversation.

Following that diplomatic conversation which the Prime Minister had with President Obama, a letter was sent in writing, formalizing that invitation.

We have now received a confirmation through diplomatic channels of President Obama agreeing to come to India as the 1st US President for a Republic Day function as the Chief Guest.
This is also another first. President Obama would be the first US President to come to India a second time during his term of office.

We will now look forward to this development which stems from the initiative of our PM, which followed their bilateral meeting in Washington."

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