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Official Spokesperson's response to a query on a recent article in ‘Global Times’

February 28, 2017

In Response to a query on a recent article in ‘Global Times’ the Official Spokesperson said:

There have been a number of press commentaries on the recent Strategic Dialogue with China. To give you an accurate picture, I would refer you to Foreign Secretary’s own read out on 22nd February that is carried on our website.

Our assessment is that the recent meeting was positive and constructive. We both agreed that at the time when the global situation is in flux, a more stable, substantive and forward-looking India-China relationship was good for the international system. The two sides had open and useful exchanges on Afghanistan, UN, counter-terrorism and nuclear issues. While in some cases, we found common ground, in others, it was felt that dialogue should continue further.

On the bilateral side, there was appreciation of progress on areas like investment and tourism. At the same time, both sides articulated their respective concerns and remain committed to working together in that regard.

We found the Strategic Dialogue in its restructured form to be a productive exercise that addressed the full complexity of India-China relations. It is important that we take a balanced and objective view of what is clearly one of the key relationships in international politics.


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