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Official Spokesperson's response to a query regarding the stranded Indian woman in Islamabad

May 08, 2017

In response to a query regarding an Indian woman who had sought shelter in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, the Spokesperson said:

''The young Indian woman, who had sought shelter in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad on 5th May, 2017 today recorded her statement in the Court of Judicial Magistrate First Class in Islamabad, as per local legal requirement.

In her statement, she said the she was sedated, assaulted, tortured mentally and physically in Pakistan by a Pakistani man who had met her in Malaysia, invited her to visit his family in Pakistan and provided the requisite sponsorship letter to the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi for her visa. She also stated that the same man also made her sign Nikah Namah at gunpoint.

The lady stated the she had taken shelter in High Commission of India of her own accord and would stay there till she is sent back to India with security.

High Commission of India has provided her necessary consular and legal assistance. It is coordinating with Pakistan Foreign Office for the safe return of the lady to India and is also in touch with her family in India on the matter. Her brother met the External Affairs Minister and requested the Government's help to rescue his sister at the earliest. ''

New Delhi,
May 08, 2017


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