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Transcript of Weekly Media Briefing by Official Spokesperson (May 10, 2017)

May 12, 2017

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I would once again thank you for coming on an off day otherwise Buddha Pournima is a holiday for many of us including in our Ministry. As you know we are working and last week also because of the Heads of Mission Conference, we did the briefing on Wednesday instead of Thursday and this week also, as you know because the Prime Minister will be travelling to Sri Lanka. So again thank you very much for adjusting your schedule to come here today. I have no announcement to make and I am open for questions.

Question: Would you like to enlighten us about the progress of ongoing talks between the RBI and the Central bank of Nepal and Bhutan vis-à-vis the withdrawal of Indian high currency notes and also as to what is the amount so far which has been deposited with the respective Central banks of Nepal and Bhutan?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: We have addressed this question early on, I can mention to you that there are talks between the Reserve Bank and the central banks of both the countries and they have made progress. In terms of what exactly can be done, those details are being worked out, so it might, at this stage, be premature for me to comment more than that, but as soon as we have more specific details and let me say, a firm outcome of this, we will certainly brief you about that.

Question: The issue about the ICJ, can you just tell us in detail what really has happened and what is the expectation from now on?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Again I would suspect there would be many questions on this issue, so if you permit we can club all those questions together. So I will now take questions on the Kulbhushan Jadhav and the International Court of Justice matter.

Question: Sir, ek concern ye bhi hai ki kyaa Pakistan International Court of Justice ke faisale ko maanegaa aur agar aap share kar sakein ki previous history kyaa rahi hai jab India aur Pakistan International Court mei gaye, tab kaun se matter they aur uskaa kyaa approach rahaa thaa?

Question: What had been the initial directions by the International Court of Justice, the President of the ICJ? Is India going to now move for consular access and the first indication coming from Pakistan is a state of denial. There is an indication that there is no order, there is no stay and there is no direction to the Pakistani Prime Minister?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: So what is the question that you want me to answer?

Question Contd.: Basically that the Pakistan has completely denied it saying that there is no direction, there is no stay, how would you react to that and at the same time are we now moving for consular access considering that we are armed with this ICJ order?

Question: Is this move an indication that we have virtually given up on any expectation of support, any understanding of the situation by Pakistan and this entire issue of your internationalizing, was this always on the table because what we were given to understand earlier is that there was some jurisdictional issues with the two countries, and they were not binding et cetera et cetera. So what was the trigger that we decided to go to the ICJ?

Question: Kyaa ye last-ditch effort hai kyonki Pakistan ki taraf se koi bhi jaankaari nahi dii gai hai about the well-being of Kulbhushan Jadhav and his location etc.?

Question: Khawaja Mohammad Asif ka bhi bayaan aayaa hai ki India terrorism ke masle ko divert karne ke liye ICJ mein masle ko uchhaal rahaa hai. Mera sawaal is se judaa ye bhi hai ki further iski legality kyaa hogi, Pakistan yadi isko manta hai tab aur agar nahi manta hai tab bhi?

Question: Pakistan ke videsh mantralay ke ek adhikaari ka tweet abhi charchaa ka vishay banaa huaa hai jismein unhone kahaa hai ki International Court ne apne daayre se baahar jaa kar kaam kiyaa hai. Is par aapke kyaa comment hain?

Question: Bahut lambe samay ke baad ICJ ke paas India gayaa hai, kyaa wajah rahi ki humne ye raastaa chunaa aur ab wahaan prakriyaa kyaa hogi, kyaa wahaan 15 taareekh ke baad roz sunwaai hogi?

Question: In the case of Captain Sourav Kalia despite pressure India did not approach the ICJ. How is this case being viewed differently for that for India to have approached the International Court of Justice?

Question: While talking about the Turkish President’s visit you had mentioned that India would be engaging Pakistan in bilateral dialogue under the rubric of Lahore and Shimla agreement, so what has really changed? You yourself had talked about Lahore and Shimla last week, so what has really changed in the last seven days that we are talking about ICJ?

Question: Is there any concern at all that by taking the matter to the ICJ that it could open up a Pandora’s Box for Pakistan to go to the ICJ in the future?

There are former diplomats like Vivek Katju who have expressed their concern this morning or will it be possible to limit it only to specific issues if required in future?

Question: I understand we had a bilateral mechanism with Pakistan on the Joint Committee of Judges on both sides. Where exactly is this committee now and when was the last time when they had visited the prisoners?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: You mean the bilateral committee of the judges from two sides which is concerned with the prisoners?

Question: Just wanted to clarify, yesterday’s ICJ order, these are not just the interim measures because India has sought interim measures. Just to clarify what happened yesterday is not the announcement of the interim measures per se, or what happened yesterday are the interim measures or are we expecting interim measures in the coming days and this was a stay while we were waiting for interim measures. Could you just clarify the technicalities of whether we can call what happened yesterday as interim measures or we are still waiting for the interim measures and the decision on that?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I think there are a number of questions, about a dozen or so. Basically they fall into four or five categories.What has happened, what is going to happen, if there is a change in India’s position then why, what can be the implications of that change for future, what is Pakistan saying or what will Pakistan do, what will what will be its position and then there was a question of consular matter of humanitarian nature in general sense.

Let me first of all mention to all of you, in fact yesterday we have circulated the press release put out by the International Court of Justice, around midnight our time, and I trust that all of you are quite familiar with it.

It’s not a very long document, it’s a two-page document or so and what it does, it gives very clear details international legal provisions which India has used in addressing this matter. It also gives details of the main grounds on which we have sought this particular course of action and it also gives you a link to the entire request and India’s petition which is now on the website of International Court of justice.

Just in case anybody hasn’t had a look at this press release or the entire petition of India, request and the application as the press release mentions it I would very much suggest and request that please have a look at both these documents. The press release is short, just two pages, petition is a little longer, but if you read them I think most of these questions that you asked would have been answered.

Why India approached the International Court of Justice, on what legal grounds and situation prevailing in the matter, is very clearly mentioned in the press release. I would just recall to you that we had made 16 requests for consular access which were denied. Despite requesting the government of Pakistan both in writing and verbally at very senior levels through diplomatic channels, we got no response on the question of getting the documents of the case, charge sheet, court proceedings et cetera.

We do not know the status of the petition and the appeal filed by the mother of Mr. Jadhav and of course the visas applied for by the family so that they could personally go to Pakistan to pursue this matter which concerns their son and they have not been granted, to our knowledge, so far.

So in this situation where the life of an Indian who was kidnapped and is illegally in detention in Pakistan and as we have said earlier, was not given a fair trial and about whose well-being our concerns persist. What we have done is approach the International Court of Justice in these circumstances. This is for a consular matter.

The approach to the International Court of Justice as is very clearly said in the press release of the International Court of Justice and I will keep coming back to the press release because that is a very comprehensive document, that very clearly mentions.

Now what will happen in future, I think what you could do is as some of you would have heard, our senior lawyer Mr. Harish Salve is representing Government of India in this matter. I would request you because I’m not a legal expert, if you have queries of a legal nature I would suggest that you could address to him because he would know what is the course of action that the court can take, but as far as I understand, he has mentioned in media that the address to the court, as it is called, is likely in the next few days.

There are provisions within the International Court of Justice rules, there are Article 73 and Article 74 which specifically deal with the situation and how the sitting of a court can be convened in this matter. I would request you also to if you haven’t familiarized yourself, I am sure many of you have, but in case somebody hasn’t, please familiarize yourself with the provisions of Article 73 and 74. The answer to your questions on what will happen in terms of legal proceedings lies there.

Now on why and what Pakistan is saying or not saying or what it will do. A, what they are saying, it is not for me to comment on what they’re saying and what they will do, it’s a hypothetical question. We have the matter now with the International Court of Justice, there is a legal juridical procedure that the court will follow.

International Court of Justice is the highest international body in this realm so that procedure you will see the unfolding. Article 73 and 74 will give you enough idea of what that procedure is going to be.

Now some of you asked me about whether it is a stay on it is not a stay, I can only tell you, I am not at liberty to disclose to you privileged communication. Privileged in the sense that it is between the ICJ and the Government of India, but we have been informed of the action that the court has initiated on our application.

So the provisional measure or the relief that we had sought under Article 74 sub para 4, that I think you also noticed External Affairs Minister’s tweet yesterday when she tweeted late at night that she had spoken to the mother of Shri Jadhav and her conversation with the mother of Shri Jadhav was specifically on the provisional measure, the relief that we had sought, the first up because the life of an Indian citizen is under threat.

We have been informed by the International Court of Justice of the action that they have already initiated in this regard. Whether somebody in another country is saying something in this regard or not saying something in this regard, it’s not for me to comment.

Finally, why have we chosen this course of action, I have told you the circumstances but the implications, then again it’s a conjectural question frankly speaking. I have mentioned to you very clearly that the circumstances that existed, the life of an Indian citizen is at threat, we have been denied consular access which is in contravention to the international law and therefore we have sought this course of action.

It is a very carefully considered decision. It is a decision taken by the government in the interest of an Indian citizen which is in illegal detention and is facing threat to his life. We have said earlier on and I don’t want to repeat what we have said about the process that is allegedly or purportedly is supposed to have taken place. We have our views and you are familiar with those views about that particular process and I don’t want to repeat them.So this is a course of action that we have chosen after careful deliberation and careful consideration in the interest of saving life and ensuring justice for the son of India.

Question: Jurisdiction issue?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: It is very simple, it is not for me to decide, it is for the International Court of Justice to decide and when the meeting takes place, they have admitted, as of today they have admitted India’s application, they have initiated action on India’s application and I would again refer to Article 74 and Article 73 which enjoin action precedent of the International Court of Justice ”forthwith.” So that action has been initiated.Jurisdiction is a matter for any court, like in a national court or a country court. You go and the first question is the jurisdiction and the court decides on the matter jurisdiction. So it is within the competence of the court and it is not within my or your competence to pronounce ourselves on the jurisdiction of the court.Regarding previous occasions, my friend I don’t think this conference can deal with history and history is again not a subject that I specialize in, but as I mentioned to you, there are international provisions, there are international conventions. The press release of the International Court of Justice is extremely clear and very lucid, very precise on what our pleas are, what are the grounds, what are the violations of international convention that the government has mentioned in its petition. If you want further details then you can obviously look up the petition which is under International Court of Justice website.

Question: What happens if any country, suppose India or Pakistan they don’t abide by this, what are the implications? In case they don’t abide, I want to know what is at stake.

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: If hope was duped fears may be liars. I didn’t say that a very famous English poet said that, but it’s a conjectural issue, frankly speaking. Suppose we enter in the realm of conjecture which I don’t want to enter into right now.

Question: Meraa jo sawaal thaa ki India ne kyaa saari ummeed chhod di hai ki Pakistan mein kisi regular court mein isiliye hum International Court of Justice mei gaye hain aur kya koi bhi jaankaari Jadhav ke baare mein, chahe wo location, health ya well-being ho, hamaare pass nahi hai?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Aapke doosare sawaal ka jawaab sabse pehle ki kyaa Jadhav saab ki location yaa health ke baare mein koi jaankaari hai, durbhagyawash abhi bhi nahi hai.

I mentioned to you in the beginning that the circumstances prevailing and I recounted four factors, why we went to the International court, why the government took the recourse to the International Court of Justice to redress this better, so that answers the question.

Question: Are we in touch with Iran, just want to know about that?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I must admit that some of you have sent messages to me asking this question and I cannot answer this question unless I have a report from our embassy in Iran. I can tell you, I can share with you that I have requested our Ambassador in Iran to enlighten us on this particular aspect, but till I don’t have an input from our embassy obviously I won’t know.

I haven’t myself seen the report because we are here since morning, I haven’t seen that report but of course once we have the details maybe we will be in a situation to comment on this matter. But you of course are familiar with the history of that matter when it broke out in March and then what all happened in May last year or thereafter.

Question: Just a small detail, when exactly did we move to ICJ?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: That is the first part in the ICJ press release. If you permit me I can read out.The Hague, 9th May, 2017.

On 8th May, 2017, the Republic of India instituted proceeding against… so on and so forth. So now you know the date on which India approached the ICJ.

Question: Date of hearing?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Well, yes I think I referred to it. If I am not mistaken Salve saab has mentioned to a channel. Again because I am not present in the ground, my information may not be updated, it’s a closed holiday for us but perhaps not in the Hague, but what I have heard in the media is, perhaps the court could be convened in the middle of the month or soon thereafter.

I would again refer to you, the provision, in the rules of the ICJ which is Article 73 and 74 for dealing with such situations and the mention there is of a "forthwith” convening by the president.

Main koshish karta hoon ab isko Hindi mein rupantarit karne ki aur chunki bahut saare sawaal they to iska daayra kaafi fail gaya hai isliye main bahut sankshep mein kahna chahunga.

International Court of Justice ki ek press vigyapti aayi hai kal Madhya ratri ke aas-paas aur aap sabhi ne bhi usko dekhaa hogaa. Us press vigyapti mein is baat ki poori jaankaari di gai hai ki Bharat ki Sarkar ne Kulbhushan Jadhav maamle mein, consular bhent jo nahi karne dii gai uske sambandh mein Vienna Conventions on Consular relations ka jo ullanghan hua hai Pakistan ke dwara, uska sandarbh lete hue, kis kis aadhaar par International Court of Justice mein apni yaachikaa 8 May 2017 ko daakhil kari hai.

Us press vigyapti mein is baat ka bhi zikra hai ki Bharat ne kis prakaar ki guzarishein ya darkhwast kari hai International Court of Justice se. Usmein kya kya humne court se kahaa hai ki humein kyaa relief chahiye aur kis prakaar ke nirnay ki hum apeksha karte hain.

Jo International Court of Justice ki press vigyapti hai, usmein kahaa gaya hai ki jis jis binaa par Bharat ne yaachikaa daayar kari uske aadhaar par, unhone bhi quote kiyaa hai. Ye saari details hamaari petition mein hai jo hamaari website par uplabdh hai lekin wo angrezi mein hai isliye main Hindi mein koshish karta hoon.

"Jo Shri Jadhav ke khilaaf mrityudand ghoshit kiya gaya hai Pakistan mein, usko suspend kiyaa jaaye. Is dauraan military court ne jo bhi dand diya thaa jo ki Vienna Convention ke saath saath moolbhoot maanav adhikaron ke bhi saraasar vipreet hai to uske sandarbh mein bhi humko relief diya jaaye. Pakistan par rok lagaai jaaye ki wo koi bhi is tareeke ka kaam na kare jis se ki military court dwara diya gaya mrityudand prabhaav mein laya ja sake.Agar Pakistan is faisale ko palatane mein kaamyaab nahi hota ya nahi karta hai tab International Court of Justice is mrityudand ke faisle ko gair kanooni ghoshit kare aur wo kadam jiski humne tatkaal guzaarish kari hai wo ye hai ki jab tak ki antim nirnay nahi aata tab tak court is baat ki taraf nirdesh de ki Pakistan ki Sarkar wo saare kadam uthaaye jis se ki ye sunischit kiyaa ja sake ki Shri Kulbhushan Jadhav ka jo mrityudand hai uska kriyaanvan na kiyaa jaa sake aur Pakistan Sarkar court ko bhi bataaye ki usne is sambandh mein kya kaaryawaahi kari hai. Article 74, sub para 4 ke sandarbh se humne ye bhi kahaa ki koi bhi is prakaar ka kadam naa uthaayaa jaaye jis se ki court bhavishya mein agar koi nirnay detaa hai to uske kriyaanvan mein koi vipreet prabhaav pad sake ya aisa koi kadam na uthaaye jis se court ke kisi bhi aadesh ko samuchit prakaar se kriyaanvit naa kiyaa ja sake.”In saari cheezon ka International Court of Justice ki press release mein zikra kiyaa gaya hai aur maine koshish kari hai ki aapko Hindi mein is press release ka rupantaran prastut kar sakoon.

Question: We have been reading that India has stopped medical visas for Pakistani nationals. Is this correct?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: It’s not correct that we have stopped medical visas for Pakistani nationals. In fact what we have told the government of Pakistan, let me step back a little and tell you what was happening previously. As you are familiar thousands of medical visas had been issued in previous years to Pakistani citizens to come to India and benefit from the health facilities in past years et cetera.

Now what had happened is that the External Affairs Minister herself was receiving these requests from Pakistani nationals addressed to her. You are aware that the minister is the very active on social media and addresses the problems of Indian nationals abroad which get stuck in distress situations. But she was receiving these request on emails and social media and frankly in order to ascertain that the requests are genuine or not.

Ye sunischit karne ke liye ki ye genuine requests hain, jo humne suggest kiyaa hai Pakistan ki government ko wo sirf ye kiyaa hai ki unke Videsh Mantri ya jo unke Foreign Affairs Advisor hain, Sartaj Aziz saab, unki taraf se agar recommendation letter aa jaaye ki ye mareez hai aur iskaa ilaaz India mein karaanaa chahte hain, to yadi wo recommendation letter de dein, kyonki jaisa maine aap se kahaa ki social media par kuch aa raha hai to uske sandarbh mein faisla karne mein ye dikkat aati hai ki kaise pata karein ki ye kis prakaar ki request hai.

Isiliyee yadi unke desh ka naagrik likh raha hai to unki Sarkar ki taraf se, unke Videsh mantralay se koi patra hamaari Videsh Mantri ko koi recommend karta hai ki is naagrik ko falaan falaan bimaari hai jiske ilaaz ke liye wo India aanaa chahta hai to hum turant hi visa issue kar denge.

We will immediately issue the visa without any delay but we need a recommendation from the Government of Pakistan in the manner that I mentioned to you.

Question: Just a clarification, now that Mr. Jadhav’s family has approached Pakistan for visa, have we also written to the Pakistani government, from the Ministry of External Affairs, that please they should be granted visa?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Are you asking this question in the context of Jadhav or in the context of medical visa because we have asked their minister write to us.

Question Contd.: Since you have said that you will need a letter of recommendation from Sartaj Aziz, have we also sent a letter of recommendation to the Pakistani government for Jadhav’s family to reach Pakistan?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Well, I can tell you that yes indeed we have. External Affairs Minister has written to Sartaj Aziz saab on 27th April.Inka sawaal thaa ki hum Pakistan se to kah rahe hain ki wo hamein chitthi likhein jismein zikra ho to hum turant visa de denge, lekin kya Jadhav ki family ne jo visa apply kiya hai, uske liye humne koi chitthi likhi hai.To uske jawaab mein maine kaha ki, Haan, Videsh Mantri Saahibaa ne Sartaj Aziz saab ko 27 April ko chitthi likhi hai.

Question: My question pertaining to Malaysian foreign students those were admitted in Karnataka universities during 2016. Now the Dental Council of India have ordered them to discharge. What is the fate of the students, number one? Number two, during the Prime Minister of Malaysia visit to India recently this issue was taken up with our Prime Minister. Now can you just elaborate what is the fate of the students?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I’m afraid that I will have to come back to you on this because I don’t have details in this regard but I can assure you I will contact with our division which deals with Malaysia, I’ll get the details and I’ll come back to you on both aspects.

Question: Its been 10 days since the Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau attended the Khalsa Day celebration in Toronto which not only contain photographs of Bhindrawale and other people consider terrorist by India but also felicitated two legislators who had authored the Genocide Resolution in the Ontario assembly. Given that the Rakshamantri had specifically spoken to their Defence Minister on the case of the genocide resolution and give that Mr. Trudeau is expected to visit India sometime later this year early January according to their own High Commissioner. Is this an issue that India has taken up with Canada, is it an issue India intends to take up with Canada or is it something we are just going to ignore?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I think out of a b c that you mentioned, if I may say so, a is correct. We have taken up such issues in the past with the Government of Canada through diplomatic channels and what I can mention to you without having to go into details of this particular instance that, that practice has not been discontinued.

Question: Uzma ke baare mein kya update hai jo ki India mein Pakistan High Commission mein is samay maujood hai?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Uzma ke baare mein jaisa humne bataayaa hai, She is an Indian national, she had sought shelter in the Indian High Commission, we have mentioned to you.

Uzma’s statement was recorded on Monday in front of a first class Judicial Magistrate in Pakistan as per their internal legal requirements. We are continuously in touch with the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan and we continue to pursue this matter with the government of Pakistan for her safe return.As you all know she is staying because of her distressed situation in High Commission of her own will. She has said as much both to the Judicial Magistrate and to the media also and the High Commission is happy to assist an Indian national particularly a woman in distress. I can tell you that she is safe and we are in regular touch with our High Commission on this.We are in continuous touch with her family on this side as well. So the matter is now in the hands of the Government of India and the Government of Pakistan. We are in touch to address the matter of her safe return at the earliest.Uzma ne Pakistan mein parson ek nyaayik magistrate ke saamne apnaa bayaan diya tha, uske baad unhone media ko bhi kahaa thaa ki kin haalaat mein unhone Bharatiya Uchhayog mein aakar aasaraa liyaa. Is baare mein unhone khud apne shabdon mein media ko aur Pakistan ki nyaaypaalika donon ko bataayaa.

Iske baad jo kaanooni aur prashaasnik kaaryavaahiyaan hain unke wapas Bharat aagman ke liye, unko pooraa kiyaa jaanaa jaroori hai aur uske liye humne Pakistan Sarkar ka sahyog maangaa hai, unke Videsh Mantraalay ke jariye.

Wo sakushal hain, wo Bharatiya Dootavaas mein hain aur is paristhiti main wo jitna prasannchitt ho sakti hain wo hain. Hum unke parivaar se sampark mein hain aur udhar humaaraa Uchhaayog Pakistan Sarkar se sampark mein hai aur hum koshish kar rahe hain ki Pakistan Sarkar ke sahyog se jald se jald unki Bharat waapasi ko sunischit kiyaa jaa sake.

Question: Mr. Baglay you said that every medical visa application must have a letter from Mr. Sartaj Aziz and in that case the visa will be issued immediately. I presume not every Pakistani national who wants to come to India for treatment would be in a position to access Mr. Sartaj Aziz. Would India make an exception in such cases?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I have mentioned to you what the current government position is in this regard. Our own External Affairs Minister has been very active on social media and addressing the situation of the Indian diaspora, but I don’t intend to make any comparison obviously.

What I’m trying to say is that the communication from us to the government of Pakistan is that they there will be no delay once the suggested recommendatory letter is received by our High Commission or in Delhi, whichever way, once it is received it will be issued without delay. I won’t like to go into who all within Pakistan can approach their own minister, that’s not for me to comment.

Question: Uzma ke maamle mein yadi Taahir ke khilaaf koi kaaryawaahi hoti hai ya koi case darz hota hai Pakistani adaalat mein to kyaa Hindustan Sarkar usko lekar kuch karegi, kyaa hum usmein ek paksh banenge?

Are we going to be a party to such a case or are we going to write to the Pakistan government to take against Taahir?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Dekhiye is maamle mein abhi jo hamaaraa focus is baat par hai ki Uzma ko jald se jal surakshit Bharat laayaa jaa sake.

We are concerned about her earliest safe return right now and I won’t like to conjecture about what will happen in future. I don’t even know whether there will be a case in Pakistan, so how can I comment on what we will do if there is a case. That is a little unfair for me to comment.

Question: This is the question on China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Ambassador of China recently said that if India wants we can rename China Pakistan Economic Corridor as China Pakistan India Economic Corridor. Has any communication been made to External Affairs Ministry from Chinese side in this regard and if they proposed like this what will be our response?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: No such communication has been made. What the Ambassador said, it is unfair for me to comment on what he said especially after the subsequent developments.

Question: Who would be representing India in One Belt One Road program in China?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: That decision has not yet been taken, the matter is under consideration.

Question: This is also related to the comment of Chinese Ambassador to India as he proposed a four point initiative to improve India China relation. First one is to start doing negotiation of China India treaty of good neighborhood and friendly cooperation, second is restart negotiation of FTA, third is early on border issue and the fourth one is explore feasibility of aligning OBOR and Act East policy, but this is a proposal from the Chinese side. May be some of the points India can think is workable, some of the point India may think is not necessary or not so practical. So can you tell us respectively on these four points, how India see this proposal?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I would only say that like one of our colleague here asked about this particular question, this particular aspect of the Chinese Ambassador’s speech the other day, I am not aware of any such proposal I would only say that both countries India and China are engaged in addressing all relevant matters bilaterally, at appropriate for a. So whatever is received by the Government of India through official channels is given due consideration and then discussed between the two sides as per the mechanisms, in the mechanisms that have been established for this purpose.

Question: I just wanted to know that you said that you are considering participating in the OBOR Conference?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I said that the matter is under consideration and the decision has not yet been taken.

Question Contd.: The matter of participation of India is under consideration, is that what you are saying?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: What is under consideration is the Chinese invitation that had been received, which I had also said earlier and no decision in that regard has been taken.

Thank you very much for coming today and we hope to see you next week. Have a very good day.



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