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Transcript of Weekly Media Briefing by Official Spokesperson (July 27, 2017)

July 28, 2017

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Very good afternoon to all of you and a very warm welcome over here. Delighted to see all of you here, all friends and camerapersons. I normally fail to acknowledge their presence but they are the ones who are doing the most important job that is bringing the visuals, of course. Now I don’t have any announcements to make, so I am in your hands for questions that you may have.

Question: Jaisa ki BRICS mein NSA ki meeting chal rahi hai aur hamaare NSA bhi China gaye hue hain, agar aap share kar sakein ki Doklam issue par kuch baat ban rahi hai, kuch positive news hamaare liye hai?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Jaisa aapane khud kahaa jo NSA saahab ki yaatraa hai China mein who BRICS ke Surakasha Salahkaron ki meeting ke sandarbh mein hai, uske alaawaa ya us sandarbh mein bhi jab hamaare paas soochanaa hogi tab hum aapkao yathaawat avgat karaayenge, uske jaankaari denge.

The question was about the visit of the National Security Advisor to Beijing for the meeting of the BRICS NSAs and specifically about if there are any discussions on the Doklam issue and my answer was that his visit is indeed regarding the meeting of the National Security Advisors of the BRICS countries and in that regard or in the context of the question which my dear friend raised here, if there is any information with us, I replied that when we can, we will let you know.

Question: Bharat aur China ke beech jo stand-off hai, uske khatam hone ki stithi dikhaai nahii de rahii, lagaataar ye dekhaa jaa raha hai ki China ki taraf se jo shaabdik hamale hain wo jaarii hain aur tamaam stithi mein yahi kahaa jaa raha hai ki Bharat apani senaa ko waapas le jaaye uske baad hi kisii baat-cheet ki stithi ban paayegi. To kyaa is stand-off ko yunhi jaari rakhane dene ka vichaar hai, yaa jaisaa aap log kah rahe they ki diplomatic channels se cheezein jaarii hain to kya koi positive results bhi aa rahe hain jo desh ko bataaye jaa sakate hain?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I think I need to sum up your question in English. Basically, the question is about the stand-off, that is the word used by my friend here, between India and China at Doklam. There have been noises made, according to my friend here in the Chinese media and the some sharp statements have been coming, so what is India’s view? Is diplomacy working or will this stand-off continue?

The answer is as you know we have spoken about this matter earlier in the past and we have mentioned to you what we had to say. At the moment I have nothing further to say and whenever there is anything, we will let you know.

Question: Gopal External Affairs Minister has made a statement that India is seeking closer development partnership with China. How do you propose to go about it given the circumstances that we are in that kind of situation that is at the border and the sharp exchange of words?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Thank you for the question. You are right while answering a parliament question today in Rajya Sabha, the question was assigned to our ministry. It was today during the earlier part of the day, the External Affairs Minister did mention that India would like to strengthen its closer developmental partnership with China, that was established in the visit of President of Xi Jinping in September 2014 and India would like to do so, that is, strengthen the close developmental partnership with China based on the Astana consensus which was reached between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Modi when they met on the margins of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting on 8th of June in Astana. That is why it is referred to as Astana Consensus.

We have spoken about it earlier but just to recapitulate, it has two components which is the relations between India and China are significant not only for these two countries but also for the region, for the world, they are a factor of stability indeed. And the second component being that the differences between India and China should be addressed in a manner that they do not become disputes.

So we wish to proceed in accordance with this Astana Consensus to strengthen the closer developmental partnership that we have between India and China, since September 2014, as I said, since the visit of President of Xi Jinping to India. We as a component of it, obviously there are various compoments in it, there is a very important economic component, there is economi cooperation but equally important there are people to people contacts, there are different contacts that we have. We have various exchanges between our states and the Chinese regions, we have various exchanges at the level of the people and both sides, India and China, agree that stronger people to people relationships contributes to enhanced mutual trust and understanding and it provides a durable foundation for continuous development of bilateral partnership.

As you people are aware, there are vibrant exchanges in the field of media also. In fact at the level of the government there is high level media forum which the minister referred in her answer to her visit to Beijing in 2015 during which she had inaugurated the meeting and it was attended by various dignitaries. On the Chinese side by the State Council Information Office, the minister who handles that, so there are numerous components, economic cooperation, people-to-people interaction. And the idea is to make them more vibrant and strong in keeping with the Astana Consensus. Thank you for noting the answer in the Parliament.

Question: Yesterday, European Union lifted ban on LTTE after 11 years. How does Indian government react on that?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I need to see exactly what you are referring to because that type of report, maybe it is in media that you are referring to but I have to see some official communication in that regard. If you leave your contact details with us, we will come back to you.

Question: My question is on Maldives. Maldives forces are preventing the parliamentarians to enter the Parliament building. Is the Indian government in touch with the Maldives leadership on this issue?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Well, I can tell you in general that Maldives is a very very important neighbor for us. It is part of SAARC, it is in the Indian Ocean region, it is an extremely close neighbor with which we have historical and civilizational ties. We attach highest importance to our relations with Maldives and there are obviously linkages at the people to people level also. And as you all know perhaps India wishes to see a stable, prosperous and peaceful Maldives in which the aspirations of the people of Maldives are fulfilled.

So we continue to remain committed to provide our unstinted support for stability, development and democracy in Maldives.

Question: Is there any plan of meeting between the two NSAs, I mean Chinese and Indian NSAs?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: As I mentioned, the visit of the National Security Advisor has a context and if there are any developments in that regard or regarding the question that you ask, we will certainly keep you informed.

Question: MoS V K Singh will be visiting Badush, can you share the dates and what did the Iraqi foreign minister inform you about the Badush prison?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I am sure you have seen the detailed statement made by the Minister in Lok Sabha yesterday and in Rajya Sabha today. I have nothing further to add in context of the subject in which the statement was made but as far as your question is concerned the visit from India to Iraq, further in the context of 39 Indians missing in Mosul, we have issued a press-release today, I think you are referring to that where we have captured the essence of discussions between the Iraqi Foreign Minister, His Excellency Dr. Al Jaafary and our External Affairs Minister on last Monday, 24 july.

During the discussions there were other aspects also but since your question is on this, I will confine myself to answering what you have asked. When the discussion came up about the situation currently in Mosul and Badush, of course in that context a suggestion was made that may be more information could be helpful to us and the possibility of a further visit from India to which the Iraqi Foreign Minister readily agreed and we said this in our press release.

Now, as I said we have captured the essence of the discussions, what also was part of the conversation that the Iraqi Foreign Minister mentioned that they will come back to us when they have more information. I think the general thought at the moment is that it would be useful to undertake a visit when there is more specific information. When the Iraqi authorities have some sort of information which they think can help us further in our efforts and can help them in their efforts. So that is where the matter stands right now.

Question: Sir, ever since this stand-off began at the Sikkim border, have any of the foreign envoys, any foreign countries shown some concerns or sought briefings on the matter?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Well, I would again say that External Affairs Minister has answered some of this in the parliament last week as well as today because she was answering a start question on China which had midst of supplementary, there were some questions asked in that context last week as well. So I won’t like to add further to what she has said. In any case, diplomatic conversations and communications and interactions are something which we would not like to comment upon in public. That would be my answer to your question.

Question: Has there been any attempt by the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to reach out directly to her Chinese counterpart, because two foreign ministers don’t seem to be talking to each other on this issue. It seems left more to the NSAs and possible other diplomatic channels, but the two foreign ministers don’t seem to be talking to each other, why is that?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I would think that you are presuming, what you are presuming and I won’t like to answer that question very directly. I would simply say that what I had said last week, in fact even before last week I had mentioned that there are diplomatic channels that are there, we have embassies which continue to function. Embassies obviously function within the Ministry of External Affairs as part of their body. External Affairs Minister is the minister in charge of external affairs.

Question: Sir, there is Chinese expert, he wrote an article last week and in his article he said that Indian media takes Global Times articles way too seriously and every time an article is being published in Global Times open it and it does not mean that the Chinese government is saying these words. So I am not asking you to comment on his comment, I will send you the link if you had not read the article yet, but my question to you is this, how seriously does Indian government takes Global Times articles and columns and op-eds?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: We do indeed take the freedom of media and free media very seriously.

Question: The Iraqi Foreign Minister, just want to know what the purpose of his visit was and did he reach out to India for construction aid?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Thank you very much for that question. You all are aware of the significance of liberation of Mosul that is not merely for Iraq but in the global fight against the menace of terrorism and that announcement was made by none other than the Iraqi Prime Minister on 9th of July. First of all General Dr. V K Singh our Minister of State visited Iraq which was the first visit of a senior dignitary at that level to Iraq after liberation of Mosul.

He was enquiring and his visit was part of the efforts about the 39 missing Indians but also his visit obviously gave him an occasion to talk to Iraqi interlocutors, dignitaries, National Security Advisor, Foreign Minister about the situation in Iraq, about the fight and of course convey our compliments, our congratulations. I mentioned to you that External Affairs Minister had written a letter and there was conversation, as EAM also mentioned, between the other MoS Mr. Akbar and the Iraqi Foreign Minister.

So this visit provided a very good opportunity for India and Iraq to have a conversation about the region, the situation and of course bilateral relations, wide ranging discussions were held and they were very cordial, they were friendly. You would have seen our press release, we have mentioned about reconstruction, EAM mentioned that India would be very happy to consider what Iraq authorities would like to assist them in and specifically the role of India in education, capacity building and medical spheres was discussed.

We are happy to hear from the Iraqi dignitary very warm words about his own experience as a student, because when he was a student of medicine long years ago, in Mosul itself, he had come in contact with Indian teachers, reputed ones at that. He says that tradition continued but there is a always a need for more Indian teachers, expertise, more Iraqi students to come and study in India and of course for the Iraqi patients and people, if they wish to come to India to avail of the medical facilities.

So those were the specifics discussed but we obviously mentioned Iraq is a friendly country, it plays a very important part in our energy security, it’s a very important relationship for us. It is situated in a very strategic region, it also is a very important player in the fight against terrorism specifically Daesh. So all these were part of the discussions and reconstruction and assisting Iraq, offering our cooperation in whatever area we can, that was obviously very high on the menu.

Question: Jo 39 Bharatiyon ki hum baat kar rahe hain, kya in course of things hai usmein unki talaash ho rahi hai ya kisi specific steps ke baare mein jaankaari dii gaii hai, jo wo talaash kar rahe hain?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Aapka matalab Iraqi logon dwaraa. Jaisa aapane abhi unke Videsh Mantri ko bhi sunaa hogaa, unhone ek press conference kari thi aur unhone bade vistaar se is baare mein kahaa thaa aur aap logon ke sawaalon ke jawaab diye they ki kis stage par wo hai aur uskaa nishkarsh ye hai ki naa unke paas, naa hamaare paas, dono mein se kisi ke paas bhi is tarah ki koi suchanaa nahi hai jiske aadhaar par, pukhta taur par ye kahaa jaa sake ki wo jeevit hain yaa wo jeevit nahi hain. Kyonki is tarah ki koi suchanaa nahi hai isliye wo bhi talaash kar rahe hain aur hum log bhi apane prayaas us dishaa mein jaari rakhe hue hain.

Obvioulsy kyonki ye ilaakaa Iraq ka hai aur dheere-dheere kar ke Iraq Daesh ke changul se in Ilakon ko chhudaa raha hai, aagey bhi unki muhim jaari hai. Doosare ilaakon mein jahan Daesh ka abhi bhi control hai, ISIS ka abhi bhi control, to unhone ye kahaa hai ki jis prakaar se wo talaash kar rahe hain, jaise hi unko koi jaankaari milegi to wo hamein uplabdh karaayenge. Aur jaisaa ki main bataa rahaa thaa thodi der pahle ki unhone ye bhi kahaa hai ki jab is tarah ki koi jaankaari hogi wo hamein bulaa sakein, us jaankaari ke aadhaar par, tab wo humko us baat ki bhii jaankaari denge ki hum wahaan jaa sakate hain.

Question: Sir, can you update on French woman who was arrested for allegedly plotting an assassination for a Chilean senator. You also had a extradition request for that lady?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Can you be specific, can you tell me a name?

Question Contd.: A French woman who was arrested for plotting a Chilean senator’s assassination on request from Chile and further to that you also received an extradition request.

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I was requesting for a specific name, if you have? I have a general sense of what you are asking. Obviously it would help me if there would be a name, but without a name it would be very difficult for me to be specific, but what I gather from your question, this was a matter in which the decision of the Supreme Court and that decision is, I think, being implemented, action is being taken on that.

Question: Kya Mongolia ke Rashtrapati ki Bharat yatra ka koi kaarykram tai huaa hai? China ke saath Mongolia ke rishton ko dekhate hue kyaa yah timing ko lekar koi shankaa hai?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I would just render it in English for the benefit of foreign colleagues here. The question is whether there is something about the visit of the Mongolian President to India and whether considering China’s relations with Mongolia, what is the context here. I will answer it in both Hindi and English.

Ye sach hai ki Pradhan Mantri Ji ne Mongolia ke naye Rashtrapati ko ek badhaai sandesh bhejaa hai aur us badhaai sandesh mein unhone ye kahaa hai, kyonki pichhali baar hamaari taraf se jo shikhar star par yatra hui thi wo Pradhan Mantri Ji ki thii Mongolia. Isliye ab Mongolia ke dignitary ka turn hai ki wo Bharat visit karein, hamein sammaan dein, isliye Pradhan Mantri ji ne unko aane ka nyotaa bhi diyaa hai aur jahaan tak date ka sawaal hai wo to diplomatic channels ke jariye, mutual convenience ke aadhaar par nirdhaarit kari jaayegi.

Rahi baat jo aapane doosaraa sawaal puchha ki China ke saath mein Mongolia ke jo rishte hain aur abhi ke sandarbh mein jo ho rahaa hai, dekhiye hum pahle bhi kai baar is baat ko kah chuke hain ki har desh ka rishta hamaare saath independent hai, dusare par aadhaarit nahi hai, dusare se usko jodkar nahi dekhaa jaanaa chahiye. So in this regard this is how we will proceed.

The answer is that the Prime Minister has congratulated the new President of Mongolia on his victory and assumption of office and in that congratulatory message he has also invited the President to visit India because its Mongolia’s turn to visit India at that level. The last visit was of our Prime Minister to Mongolia. Dates will be decided through diplomatic channels as per mutual convenience.

As far as the question about China’s relations with Mongolia is concerned, well, the answer is very simple. All relations of India with other countries stand on their own. We don’t see these type of connections in those relations.

Question: Sir, the NSA will be in China for two days. He is meeting his counterpart and also other NSAs, but can you tell us who else he is meeting over those two days?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: We will tell you when we can and when we have information.

Question: This is on the Hurriyat arrests. There have been quite a few arrests of separatists leaders from Kashmir and the whole idea of Pakistan terror and terror funding, has there been any details that have been shared by the Ministry of Home Affairs with the Ministry of External Affairs so that MEA is prepared with the terror funding aspect of Pakistan, in case there is any official level meeting with Pakistan or at the multi-national international for a?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: You would understand if I am not able to go into specifics and details in response to your question. But as a general point I would say that there is a constant dialogue between all government departments and ministries on all matters of importance, specially the type of matter that you mentioned. It is a significant matter which has implications for our security also. There is an external aspect to it. So there is an ongoing constant interaction between the concerned ministries within the government which I think is quite usual.

Question: In the wake of the Uri terror attack two year back, the government has decided that they will maximize their share of Indus water and a related ministry was asked to prepare a plan of action for that. So I would like to what is happening on that front, what is the progress, when the PM had said that blood and water cannot flow together?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Not an answer to your question but just a comment, sometimes the time appears to fly very fast, sometimes it appears to move in slow motion. Uri was not two years ago, Uri was last year.

I would say that as you all are very well aware, it confers certain rights on India, both in terms of the eastern rivers which are completely with India. We have unimpeded access to and full rights for utilization of their water and the western rivers on which we have rights in accordance with the treaty.

The effort of the government and the idea that you mentioned and we have said this earlier also that it was that the full potential, full exploitation of those rights is necessary to give developmental benefits to the people of India including the people of the state of the Jammu & Kashmir. It was in that context that you mentioned, the efforts were undertaken and since this is not a matter for Ministry of External Affairs, internal development of water resources, as you would be aware, is dealt with by another ministry, so I would request you to refer to them in terms of what has taken place.

External Affairs Ministry deals with the external aspects of the Indus water treaty, but if you wish to pursue the matter through us and no more, I can try and arrange some information for your sake. I hope I have been able to explain the context to you. See it is a matter of India in a natural course developing its full rights and utilizing all those rights that Indus Water Treaty confers on it. It so happens that you have mentioned that it was after the Uri attack, but my point here is that India in any case has those rights which we need to fully exploit.

Question: Dalai Lama ke visit ko lekar China ne haal hii mein Botswana ko warn kiyaa hai aur kahaa hai ki Dalai Lama ko aane ki permission na dii jaaye. Is par aapkaa kya reaction hai?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Dalai Lama Ji ke baare mein hamaara nazariya aur hamaare vichaar hain wo bahut spasht rahe hain. Wo ek sammananeey, dhaarmik, aadhyaatmik vyaktitva hain. Bharat mein unko uchch-stareey sammaan diya jaataa hai aur unka jo sammaan hai wo isi sandarbh mein hai ki wo dhaarmik, aadhyaatmik kshetra mein hai. Unki kisi bhi gatividhi ko hum raajneeti se jodkar nahi dekhate aur yahe kahenge ki usko raajneeti se jodkar naa dekhaa jaaye. Aur jahaan tak unki kisi doosare desh ki yatra ka prashn hai, wo ek aisa maamla hai jis par hum ko tippani nahi karna chahenge lekin hum bas yahi dohraayenge ki unki gatividhiyon ko raajneeti se jodkar ke naa hum dekhate hain, aur humara yahi vichaar hai ki usko nahi dekhaa jaanaa chahiye.

Question: Could you share progress in the extradition process of Vijay Mallya?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: To the best of my knowledge and information, the matter is subjudice in a London court and I think a date was also mentioned for the next hearing which I think is later this year, if I am not mistaken, perhaps in December somewhere. So that is the status. We had make a request with the British authorities which was taken up by them as a result of which certain administrative steps were taken but now the matter is with the British judiciary.

Question: Meraa sawaal China ko lekar hai. China ke jo aur padosi desh hain, Pakistan aur Bharat ko chhodkar, Doklam mudde par kyaa unkaa kootneetik samarthan Bharat ko praapt hai?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Could you please repeat the question?

Question Contd.: Meraa sawaal hai China ko lekar ki China ke Bharat aur Pakistan ko chhodkar jo bhi anya padosi desh hain Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Doklam mudde ko lekar ko kyaa Bharat ke prati unka kootneetik samarthan hai?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Main yahi samajhana chaah raha thaa kin deshon ki taraf ishara kar rahe hain. Dekhiye aisa hai ki jo hamane kahaa hai Doklam mudde par ki is mudde ka mool kyaa hai, iske Aayaam kyaa hain, ye kyun hua, wo to hum pichhale mahine hi kah chuke hain aur bade vistaar se aapko uski jaankaari hai. Aur hamane ye bhi kahaa hai ki kis aadhaar par aur kis tarah se iskaa hal chaahate hain, jo hamane kahaa hai ki baatcheet ke jariye, Kootneeti ke jariye. Humane apni approach na sirf Doklam mudde ke prati balki China ke saath jo poori hamaari seema hai un muddon ka samaadhaan karne ke liye jo hamaara nazariya aur soch rahi hai usko hamane poori tareeke se spasht bataa diya hai.

Aapne ye bhi sunaa jo Videsh Mantri Ji ne pichhale hafte kahaa thaa ki antarrashtriya samudaay is baat ka samarthan karta hai. Samarthan is baat ka hai ki saari baton ko shantipoorn tareeke se aur baatcheet ke jariye hal kiyaa jaanaa chaahiye, jo is maamle mein Bharat ki soch rahi hai.

Question: The Pakistani Prime Minister was in the Maldives and the Chief Guest at their Republic Day celebrations and he has accused India of undermining the spirit of SAARC and the Maldives President Yameen has said that Maldives would support the hosting of SAARC summit in Islamabad. Now this is a change from their earlier stand, they joined India’s boycott of the summit last year. So what is your comment on this?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Look, it is not for me to comment on the remarks of a friendly country. I mentioned about Maldives earlier in this interaction. What I would mention to you are two things. One is that we all are aware of the circumstances which made it impossible for not only India but other countries in the SAARC region, except the prospective host, to take a position which would allow the summit to take place as it was planned at that time, and the context was cross-border terrorism. Because cross-border terrorism has not only hit developmental cooperation in the region but has also threatened peace and stability of us, in the region, not only of SAARC countries but also of the world. This cross-border terrorism was emanating, we all know, from where.

So there is a specific context, there is a specific reason. As far as we are concerned and other countries in the region are concerned that the threat of cross-border terrorism, unfortunately, continues to claim innocent lives, it continues to adversely impact on peace and stability and development and cooperation in the region.

Question: I come from People’s Daily of China. Our foreign ministry and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said many times un-conditional withdrawal of Indian troops is precondition and basis of any meaningful dialogue. So in this circumstance, what is your expectation for this Mr. Doval’s visit to Beijing?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Thank you for your question. We have also mentioned our approach to the whole issue and to the settlement of border, our approach of discussions with China to resolve them in a peaceful manner. There are established mechanisms to address the border issue. As far as the current situation is concerned we have again said that we have pointed out to the Astana Consensus between the two leaders, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Modi. I referred to both the components but I will refer you again to the second component in this regard, which is that the differences between India and China should be addressed in a manner that they do not become disputes. So that remains our approach. This is exactly what we have said in the past also.

Question: Picchali briefing mein aapane kahaa thaa ki flag meetings aur border personnel meeting aur Hotline contact ko lekar aap update karenge to kya China ke saath ab tak jo Hotline contact ya BPM jo hui hain, aap bataane ki stithi mein hain?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I owe you that answer. Main aapko iskaa jawaab nahi de sakaa. Main koshish karunga ki jitani jaldi aapko is baare mein, jo aapane suchanaa maangi hai, wo figures agar main aapko de sakta hoon to main jaroor de dunga.

Question: Kulbhushan Jadhav ke case mein sunwaai hui international Court of Justice mein do mahine se jyada ka waqt ho chukaa hai. Kyaa aap ye bataane ki stithi mein hain ki kyaa Awanti Jadhav ke baare mein EAM ne jo request ki thi Pakistan ki taraf se kya koi formally uska reply aaya hai, aur doosaraa ye ki is sandarbh mein Pakistan ne ek khat bheja thaa Lt. Col. Zubair Habib ko lekar, kyaa Bharat ne formally uska response Pakistan ko bhejaa hai?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: Dekhiye, jo Kulbhushan Jadhav ki mataji ke visa ke baare mein aapane jo sawaal kiyaa, usmein jo hamaari jaankaari hai wo ye hai ki uske baare hamaare pass aadhikaarik star par koi Jaankaari nahi hai. Us visa ke sandarbh mein jo request kari gai thi, unki mataji ki taraf se ya jo hum logon ne kahaa thaa aadhikarik taur par, Videsh Mantri ne jo likhaa tha, uska koi jawaab nahi aayaa hai. In fact Videsh Mantri Ji ne bhi apani tweet mein ek baar kahaa thaa, kuchh din pahle, ki unke pass iska acknowledgement, iska jawaab bhi nahi aaya hai, kisi bhi prakaar ka. To us stithi mein koi parivartan hua hai aisi jaankaari hamein nahi hai.

Aur rahi baat un shaksh ke baare mein jinke baare mein aapane sawaal kiyaa, is sambandh mein mujhe koi jaankaari abhi hai nahi.

Question: Sir, it’s almost now recognized worldwide that the statements coming from Beijing have been very belligerent and aggressive, but your statement and the statement by the External Affairs Minister today have been very conciliatory. So are we really looking at India seeking a diplomatic solution to the Doklam issue very seriously, and can we say that when the NSA returns, we are going to have the results of that solution in hand?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Gopal Baglay: I thank you for the first part of your question which is also its answer. So if I could have more occasions when the questions are also answers, by job would have been that much easier, if I may say so.

And the second question as far as the visit of National Security Advisor Mr. Doval to Beijing is concerned, as I said, I’ll repeat it, since I am closing this press briefing now, I would repeat it that when we have updates, if we have updates, we’ll certainly share whatever we can share.

Thank you very much. Have a good day.



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