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Transcript of Weekly Media Briefing by Official Spokesperson (March 09, 2018)

March 10, 2018

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Namaskar, good afternoon and a very warm welcome to this series of briefings which we will have starting with my own weekly press briefing. This will be followed by a briefing on Rashtrapati Ji’s visit to Mauritius and Madagascar and we will also have a briefing on the visit of President of France to India. I have no announcements to make so we would move to the Q&A session straightaway.

We have seen this report of meet happening between the North Korean leadership and the US President. What is India’s reaction on this?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: I actually have a written statement which I will read it out. We have noted the comments of the senior official of the Republic of Korea regarding DPRK’s proposal to hold talks with the US and the positive response from the US. We welcome this development. India supports all efforts to bring about peace and stability in the Korean peninsula through dialogue and diplomacy. We hope that such engagement will help in reducing tensions and pave the way for lasting peace and reconciliation in the Korean peninsula. As we have said before, we also believe that any solution to the issue of Korean Peninsula must take into account and address concerns about the proliferation linkages of DPRK’s nuclear missile program.

Question: Yesterday there was an Indian national who was extradited from Dubai. Now it is emerging that in 2011 he was able to get a passport or renew his passport on the basis of false papers. What would be your comment to that?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: There are basically two aspects to the question which I have been hearing from different sources.

Question Contd.: If I can just add, that there were also some reports about a minister which also intervened at that time.

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: It is very difficult for me to speculate as to what might have happened. On the passport issue itself, how this was issued. As you know there is a certain process regarding the issuing and renewal of passports. We are ascertaining more details from our mission in Dubai and I can share something with you once we have those details with us. On his coming to India, it is a very clear that he is a fugitive who was wanted by the government of India. We had shared this information with the Government of UAE and we were pursuing this matter with them. UAE authorities have deported him to India. (Inhone poochha sawaal ki unke passport ka renewal kaise hua Dubai mein. Maine ye kaha ki is baare mein main apne Dubai consulate se aur adhik jaankaari ikattha kar raha hoon. Passport issue aur renewal ki ek prakriya hoti hai aur hum ye pata laga rahe hain ki is vishay mein kya hua hai. hum aur adhik jaankaari praapt karne ki koshish kar rahe hain. Jahan tak unke yahan aane ka prashn hai, ki wo kais aaye to ye main batana chahunga ki Takala ek fugitive hain jinki Bharat Sarkar ko kaafi din se khoj thi aur humne iski jaankari UAE government ke saath share ki thi aur hum unke saath follow up bhi kar rahe they, uske baad UAE government ne unko yahan India mein deport kar diya hai.)

Question: Takala ke case mein, kyaa aap ye bataane ki stithi mein hain passport renewal ki jo process hai, usmein uske khilaaf RCN issue kiya gaya tha, Red Corner Notice issue hone par kya hamaare system mein koi mechanism hai jis se ye identity flag ho sakti hai, ya system ki is chook ka faida kahin doosare anya apraadhi to nahi uthaa rahe hain?)

(With reference to the case of Takala, are you in a position to confirm if our system has such a mechanism where in case there is a RCN for somebody, that person’s identity is flagged in the case of renewal of visa or other criminals are taking advantage of such lacunae in the system?)

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Jaisa maine pehle kaha ki hum ye pata laga rahe hain, ye to hamein media se pata chal raha hai ki RCN issue hua tha uske khilaaf Interpol ka red corner tha. Kab unhone apply kiya, kab renew hua, ye jaankaari hum pata lagaane ki koshish kar rahe hain aur jaise hi ye jaankaari milti hai, main aap sabhi logon ke saath share karoonga.

(As I said earlier, we are looking into this matter. We have come to know about the Interpol RCN from the media only. When did he apply, when was it renewed, and as soon as we ascertain facts we will share the information with you.)

Question: Yesterday Chinese Foreign Minister made some very interesting comment regarding its foreign policy and relations with India. He talked about Dragon and Elephant can dance together saying one and one being eleven instead of two. How does Indian government look at it?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar:
As two major countries and large economies relations between China and India are not just important bilaterally but also have regional and global significance. During the meeting between Prime Minister Modi and President Xi in Xiamen in September last year, the two leaders agreed that sound development of relations between India and China are a factor of stability amidst today’s global uncertainty and that the two countries should not allow their differences to become disputes.

Since then both sides have maintained regular exchanges at all level, which have helped in strengthening bilateral communication. We are willing to work with the Chinese side to develop our relations based on commonalities while dealing with differences on the basis of mutual respect and sensitivity to each other’s interests, concerns and aspirations.

Jaisa aapne abhi kaha ki Takala ke maamle par abhi aap aur adhik jaankaari ikatrit kar rahe hain. To kya aap ye jaankaari bhi lenge 1999 mein jab NDA ki government thi tab kaise fresh passport issue hua kyonki agar connivance ki baat 2011 mei hai to kya koi connivance 1999 mein bhi thi?.

(As you said earlier that you are gathering information on the issue. But would also seek the information that how the fresh passport was issued in 1999 when there was NDA government because if there are talks about connivance for renewal of passport in 2011, then connivance was there in 1999 also?)

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Dekhiye jaisa maine kaha, aap bata rahe hain mujhe iske jaankaari nahi hai, 1999 mein passport issue kahaan se hui thi. Yahi to main bata raha hoon ki ye pata karna padega ki pahle passport unka kahan se issue hua tha, renewal kahan se hua, kitni baar renewal hua. Ye saari jaankari hai, iske baare mein thodi tehkikaat karni padti hai, itni aasaani se nahi milti hai. Kis context mein passport issue kiya gaya aur kaise renew hua, iski jaankaari hum praapt kar rahe hain aur jaise hi kuch milega hum aap sabhi se share karenge.

(As I said earlier, as you are saying but I don’t have any information about 1999, where was the passport issued from in 1999? This is what I am saying first we have to find out where and when the passport was first issued, how many times it had been renewed. So we are investigating all that like what was the context in which the passport was issued and how it was renewed, as soon as we find some information on this we will share it with you.)

Question: Mera sawaal Sridevi ko lekar hai. Kuch kadiyaan hain jo jud nahi paai hain. Khastaur par accidental drowning ke baad abhi tak unki death kaise hui, uska posportem report kya thi, autopsy ki report kya thi aur kaise is conclusion tak pahuncha gaya ki wo murder nahi tha. Aur kya koi aise links hain jo aap share karna chahenge jiske jariye ise ek close chapter mana jaaye natural death ka?

(My question is related to Sridevi, there are some links which could not be joined. How did she die, what was the postmortem report, what was the autopsy report and it was concluded that it was not a murder. Are there any links which you would like to point to through which it can be concluded that it was a close chapter of natural death?)

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Meri ichha hai ki main aapke sawaal ka jawaab de paataa kintu yahaan main spokesperson ki haisiyat se baitha hoon aur aapka sawaal kaafi investigative hai jismein criminality bhi aa jaati hai, bahut kuch hai usmein.Jahan tak meri jaankaari hai, UAE authorities ki taraf se jo paperwork chaahiye they body ko deport karne ke liye wo hamein mil chuke they aur usi ke basis par unke parthiv sharir ka deportation India hua tha. Usmein agar kuch bhi shak waali baat hoti to wo us report mei aati. Aap logon ne sab kuch dekhaa tha ki us report mein kya tha, jo Dubai police ne issue kiyaa tha jiske basis par Embassy ne body ke deportation ko facilitate kiya thaa.

(It is my sincere wish that I could answer your question. Here I am present as a spokesperson and your question is very investigative in nature which also involves criminality and many more things.

As far as my information goes, the necessary documents which were required from the Dubai authorities to deport the dead body, we had received all those documents and on the basis of those the body was deported to India. If there had been any issue of doubt then it would have been there in that report. You all have seen the report which was issued by the Dubai authorities and on the basis of that the body was deported to India.)

Question: Sridevi ki dead body jisko handover ki gai thi, kya wo Kapoor family se tha ya hamara official tha, wo kise hand over hua?

(The person to whom the dead body of Sridevi was handed over, was that person from the Kapoor family or it was any of our officials?)

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Dekhiye main aapko general process bata deta hoon, aisi kisi unfortunate death situation mein, us case mein normally hamein ittila di jaati hai jo unke relatives hote hain ya jo unke friends hote hain. Aur jisko bhi authorize kiya jaata hai family ki taraf se ya friends ki taraf se body hum usko hand over karte hain. Ab exactly kisko authorize kiya gaya tha iski jaankaari mujhe nahi hai par iska ek process hota hai ki body kisko dena hai, hamare pass aata hai authorization ke liye ki hamari taraf se ye body aap is shakhs ko de deejiye aur usi hisaab se fir hum us body ko unko hand over kar dete hain.

( I will tell you about the general process in such unfortunate cases of death abroad. In such cases either that person’s relatives or friends are informed about the incident and whosoever is authorized either by the family or friends, dead body is handed over to that person. Now who exactly was authorized in this case, I don’t have any information on that but there is a process of authorization and whoever has that authorization body is handed over to that person.)

Question: Dalai Lama ka karyakram tha Delhi mein aur us karyakram ke baare mein ye kaha gaya ki Foreign Secretary ne letter likha hai sabhi atithiyon ko aur State government ko ki unke karyakram mein koi bhaag na le aur ye bhi hua ki unka jo Thank You India program tha wo yahan se cancel karke Dharamshala mein chala gaya. To iske peechhe koi dabaav hai, maamla kya hai?

(It has been said about the Dalai Lama program in Delhi that Foreign Secretary has written a letter to officials that no one should participate in his program and it is also said that the Thank You India program of theirs was also shifted to Dharamshala. So was there any kind of pressure behind this, what was the issue?)

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Mujhe lagta hai is par humne apna bayaan to de diya hai aur ek press release bhi jaari kiya tha, jisko main dobara padh deta hoon.

(I think we have issued a press release on this issue and I will read that press release again for your benefit.)We have already issued a clarification, the question was regarding Dalai Lama and purported letter written by the Foreign Secretary. My answer to this is that we have already issued a clarification in this regard. I would again like to reiterate our position on His Holiness the Dalai Lama is very clear and consistent. He is a revered religious leader and he is deeply respected by the people of India. There is no change in that position. His Holiness is accorded all freedom to carry out his religious activities.

I have nothing more to add as I have already clarified our position on Dalai Lama.

Question: To take you back during the Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit here, during his last function where the Canadian High Commission was one of the hosts. The Prime Minister spoke in front of a map of India which did not have Aksai Chin, it did not have POK and little strangely much of Gujarat, if there was a message there. Now has the government taken up the issue with Ottawa?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar:
I saw this news report but I am not aware if this matter has been taken up, I will have to check and I can get back to you.

Question: Is there any update on Nirav Modi and their relatives?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Look, the action which we were supposed to take as far as the Ministry of External Affairs is concerned, as you all are aware that both of them did not reply to the notice as to why their passport should not be impounded and since we did not receive any reply, their passports were revoked within one week. The next step for us in MEA comes in only when we receive some advice from our agencies, in fact you are aware that the revocation of the passport itself was done on the advice of agencies.

Question: You must have seen the reports that Hafiz Saeed’s Mili Muslim League which was banned, registration was not given, the Islamabad High Court has not given an order giving them a clean chit. It does seem that Hafiz Saeed will be contesting the general elections in Pakistan this time around. How do you react and also there have been some reports in the international media about no action by Pakistan government against JuD, LeT and others, all their missions are still running and at a time when FATA has put Pakistan in their grey list, do you think this is very unfortunate, how does India react to this?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Our position on Hafiz Saeed and his activities have been reiterated several times from this forum. I think this is a very shocking development which basically completely exposes Pakistan’s duplicity in taking action against terrorist and terrorist groups which are operation out of Pakistani soil. He is a UN proscribed terrorist, he is the prime organizer of the Mumbai Terror Attacks, he has blood on his hands of not only several innocent Indian citizens but also from many other countries across the world. He also is responsible for unleashing acts of terror on people in other neighboring countries as well, apart from India.

Pakistan is mandated under UN law to take action against Hafiz Saeed but instead the developments which we see coming out of Pakistan, it seems that this is an attempt by Pakistani establishment to mainstream him, to mainstream his system as a political party and I think this is a way of shielding what he used to do earlier, the activities in which he was engaged earlier but I think the true face of Hafiz Saeed and true face of Pakistan is there for all to see. I can only at the end that not only but also the international community feels that the action which should be taken against Hafiz Saeed is not being taken.

Question: On this Dalai Lama issue, why did the Foreign Secretary instruct Indian officials to stay away from the programs and functions of the Tibetan government in exile, I think that is the question because it was not on the respects being paid to Dalai Lama, the issue was they were asked to stay away, the Indian government officials and other state government officials were been asked to stay away from the functions of the Tibetan government in exile, so why was that, is that a change in policy on the Tibet issue, not on the Dalai Lama?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: This is precisely what I answered, again we are coming back to the same thing. Dalai Lama is a revered religious leader respected by the people of India, there is no change in that position. Now I hope this answers that question.

Question: Do you have any comment on what is the likely outcome of the NPC in China this weekend with Xi Jinping likely removing term limits?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: This is something which is very much internal to China and I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to comment on that.

Question: The Guptas of Saharanpur and South Africa as I said that they are hiding in Dubai, we have an extradition treaty with Dubai, are we likely to get them extradited here because they are wanted in India, South Africa and several other countries?Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: I think it is important to understand the background of the Guptas themselves. The Guptas is a privately owned South African business. They and their family members are South African citizens, the government and the law enforcement agencies of South Africa are doing their job. The law must and I think it will take its own course, it should prevail. The government of India will not involve itself in the domestic affairs of other countries.

If your question is whether we have got something from them at this stage, At this stage we have not got anything from the South African government and as and when there are developments in this matter, we will take necessary steps.

Question: The forthcoming visit of the President of France and issue is fighter aircraft Rafael, so the question is, will the issue be discussed right now or is it the defence ministry which will speak something about it?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: We have a briefing later on after this so you can address this question at that time.Question: This question is about Seychelles. Two days ago India Seychelles agreement on Assumption Island was leaked online. So have we taken it up with the Seychelles government and asked for an enquiry and what is the future of this agreement after this leak, will it still go ahead?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Let me clarify, the Assumption Island Project, which you are talking about is a joint project that India is executing at the request of the government of Seychelles. The objective is to assist Seychelles secure the vast EEZ including near Mozambique Channel located over a thousand km from the main island of Mahe. The proposed facility will be owned by Seychelles and jointly managed by both sides.

Question: Have we finally figured out how Mr. Atwal came into India because there are lots of questions which are still unanswered, whether it was a visa, whether it was an e-visa and if it was a visa, how did he get in?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Look, I keep my promise and as promised last time I have some update on that. We have checked on this matter. Jaspal Atwal had travelled to India on a valid visa, not e-visa. This again was not his first visit to India. He has visited India on earlier occasions since January 2017, if I remember correctly, including the visit in February, this was his third visit.

Government of India has a conscious policy of outreach to the Indian diaspora including misguided element who in the past may have harbored anti-India sentiments which they have since renounced. There are well established procedures for grant of visa to foreign travelers which have been followed in this case as well. So I hope that clarifies the matter.

Question: Some Indian media suggests that India and China are ready to resume the water data sharing and also the joint military exercise on counter terrorism because both things were stopped or postponed last year. Can you confirm or share some progress on this?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: There are several dialogue mechanisms which exist between India and China and I can tell you that discussions are ongoing to have the next meetings of many such dialogues. Specifically on the meeting regarding the sharing of hydrological data I have shared in the past that this issue of trans-border rivers, they are discussed under the ambit of India-China Expert Level mechanism. This is regarding two rivers Brahmaputra and Sutlej and these were MoUs were signed in 2013-14 which mandates that regular meetings are held for this mechanisms. Exchange of Hydrological data between India and China and China sharing the data with us is a very important part of the functional cooperation with China.

To the second part of your question I can share with you that there are several other mechanisms and meetings which exist and discussions are on at both functional levels and high levels to have the next round of such meetings.

Question: Iske pehle jitni bhi baatein kahi jaati rahi hain darasal Pakistani hukmrano ki akarmanyata ke baare mein kahi jaati thi. Lekin kal aur parson do faisale Pakistani adaalaton ke dwara aaye hain jismein ke mein kaha gaya hai ki inhe giraftar nahi kiya jaa sakta hai kyonki Bharat aur America dabaav banaate hain. Aur doosara ki unki political party chunaav lad sakti hai, kya aapko lagta hai ki criticize kiye jaane ke aage bhi ab kuch kiye jaane ki jaroorat hai, aise mein jabki unki legitimization ab wahaan ki adaalatein bhi karne lagi hain?

(Prior to this whatever was said it was related to the inaction of Pakistani authorities but the two order of yesterday and day before yesterday have come from the Pakistani courts in which it is said that they cannot be arrested because India and USA are pressurizing to do so. And secondly that his political party can run for elections. Do you think that something more should be done than mere criticizing as the Pakistani courts are now involved in legitimizing him?)

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Aapko dekhna padega ki adaalatein kyon kar rahi hai, ye aapko samajhna padega. Ye aapka kahna bilkul sahi hai par aapko samajhana padega ki adaalatein kyon kah rahi hain ki aisa karo ya waisa karo. Jabki wo UN designated proscribed terrorist hain. Pakistan ko under international obligations unke khilaaf action lena hai, ye unka daayitv banta hai ki wo ye convince karein ki jo steps liye jaa rahe hain wo nahi hon. Baaki jitne international organizations hain aur jo baaki countries hain, jo terrorism ke khilaaf muhim hai sabka yehi kahna hai ki ye jo ho raha hai ye galat hai.

(You will need to see why Pakistani courts are doing so, this you will have to understand. Whatever you said is right but you will need to understand why Courts are asking to do this or that when he is a UN proscribed terrorist. Pakistan must take action against him under international obligations, this is their responsibility that they should convince not to take the steps that are being taken. All other international organizations or the countries which are against terrorism, all of them say that whatever is happening is wrong.)

Question: I have been trying to pursue a question because it was in January that President Donald Trump had a conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there has been no statement from Prime Minister’s Office or the Ministry of External Affairs and since then on three occasions, addressing the US members of Congress, US State governors, another recent occasion, Mr. Trump had made serious remarks, in fact alluding to the conversation, that Prime Minister Modi actually informed him of duty cuts in Harley Davidson, is that right that Prime Minister did inform him and how does India view the announcements made on tariffs being made from Washington DC?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: After that conversation between President Trump and Prime Minister Modi, there was actually a read out from the White House. We did mention that we broadly agree with the contents of the read out. You need to give your own version, when you don’t agree and when you have something else to share. Broadly the topics which were mentioned in the read out of the White House, it covered basically the gist of the conversation.

On the specific aspect about the revision of duty, it is something which is being handled by a different ministry. I think they will have answers as to how the process happened. Today I can share with you, on the telephonic conversation itself, that the two leaders discussed all bilateral issues including related to trade and investment between the two sides.

Question: Presently multilateral naval exercise is underway in the Andaman Sea called Milan and Maldives refused to join this exercise. Do you have a view on this and do you think this will impact in Indo-Maldivian defence relations in future?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: If I remember correctly I think there was an explanation by the Maldivian Ambassador to India that they could not join because of situations back home. As you know it is forum where you invite navies to join and it is up to them, I mean if they feel that the circumstances back home are such that they could not participate I think it is up to them.

Question: Mera sawaal Nirav Modi aur Mehul Choksi ko lekar hai. Aapne bhi dekha hoga Mehul Choksi ne jo kal CBI ko jawaab diya tha usmein unhone kaha ki mera jo passport suspend kiya gaya hai wo theek process nahi tha, aur main wapas kaise aaoon, is tarah ki kai baatein kahi gai thi aur agar aap bata sakein ki kya Nirav Modi ka passport revoke ho chukka hai?

( You must have also seen the reply that Mehul Choksi submitted to the CBI in which he said that the suspension of his passport was not correct and how can I return now. Can you confirm if the passport of Nirav Modi has been revoked?)

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Haan, ye to maine pehle bhi announce kiya hua hai ki Nirav Modi ka passport revoke ho chukka hai aur humne ye bhi bataya hai ki kyon revoke hua hai, ismein koi doubt ki gunzaish hi nahi hai. Humne unko itne din ka notice diya, unhone reply nahi kiya aur humne unka passport revoke kar diya.

(Yes, and I have announced this earlier also that the passport of Nirav Modi has been revoked and we have also informed why it was revoked, there is no scope of doubt in this. We have given him a notice of certain number of days to reply, he did not reply and hence we revoked his passport.)

Question: How can you come back to India if you don't have a passport?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: It is very simple you see. If you lose your passport abroad then what do you do, you go to the nearest mission and then you apply for an emergency certificate, you get a certificate and you travel to India, it is very simple, but he has to contact the nearest embassy.

Question: ……………. Inaudible ………………………..

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Aap jaante hain na ki hum act karte hain agencies ki advice par, chaahe wo revocation of passport ho, chaahe wo extradition ho. Investigation ka kaam agencies ka hota hai, uske basis par hamein bataya jaata hai ki action lena hai and then we act on that.

(You know that we act on the advice of agencies whether it is extradition or revocation of passport. It is the task of agencies to investigate and on the basis of that we are asked to take certain action which we then take.)Question: China ne Tibet mei jo advanced satellite banaya hai jo Bharatiya satellite ko track kar sakta hai aur jaasoosi bhi kar sakta hai, to kyaa aap Bharat ki suraksha par aap iska koi impact dekhate hain, aur ye masla aapne China ke saath uthaya jaayega aur doosara, Doklam mein 1.5 km sadak banaane ki baat ka mudda Congress ne bhi uthaya hai aur Sarkar se jawaab maanga hai, kya vivaadit ilaake mein China ne 1.5 km tak sadak bana li hai?

(China has built an advanced satellite in Tibet which can track Indian satellite and which can also spy. So do you see any impact of this on Indian security situation and have you taken up this issue with China? Secondly, Congress has also raised this issue of construction of 1.5km road in Doklam and sought a response from the government on this issue, so has the China made a 1.5km road on the disputed site?)

Question: Parliament mein Rakshamantri Nirmala Seetharaman ne kaha ki Doklam mein China, jab Bharat aur China ki baithak hui thi mantrimandal star ki to uske baad usne ye saari cheezein rok di thi, lekin Gen V K Singh ne sansad mein hi kaha hai ki nahi, China abhi bhi seema par helipad bana rha hai aur sadak bana raha hai. Mera sawaal ye hai ki sach kaun bol raha hai aur aapki kya tippani hai?

(Defence Minister Nirmala Seetharaman had said in Parliament that after the minister level talks China has stopped all these things but Gen V K Singh has said it in parliament that no, China is still making helipad and road in Doklam. What do you comment on this?)

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Jo cheezein Parliament mein kahi gai us par main tippani nahi karta hoon, ye aap jaante hain. Aap chaahein to jo Parliament mein kaha gaya hai, jo Gen V K Singh ne Doklam ke sambandh mein kaha, woh main padh sakta hoon.

(You know that I do not comment on whatever has been said in the Parliament. If you want I can read the statement made by Minister of State for External Affairs, Gen V K Singh with respect to Doklam.)

The statement which Minister of State for External Affairs Dr. V K Singh made in Parliament regarding Doklam, that I can repeat, if you want and I think it is very clear. Since the disengagement of Indian and Chinese border personnel in the Doklam area on 28 August, 2017 there have been no new developments at the face of site and vicinity. The status-quo prevails in this area. Government keeps a constant watch on all developments having a bearing on India’s security and takes all necessary measures to safeguard it.

This also answers your second question regarding satellite. You see there are existing mechanisms and of course our armed forces as well as the other ministries they have cognizance of any threat or any perception and there are existing mechanisms where you sit together and discuss these issues.

Question: Just a follow up on Seychelles, after that security breach are we looking at any revision of that project or anything of that kind?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar: Not to my knowledge.

Question Contd.: So the security breach is not a concern?

Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar:
You asked a very specific question and I said, not to my knowledge.

Thank you so much.



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