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Official Spokesperson's response to queries regarding allegation by Spokesperson of Pakistan concerning the reported use of chemical weapons by Indian Security forces

October 05, 2018

In response to a question by media regarding allegation by spokesperson of Pakistan concerning the reported use of chemical weapons by Indian security forces

We completely reject allegations made by Pakistan about the reported use of chemical weapons by the Indian security forces against Indian citizens. Such allegations are not new and are totally unfounded.

India has repeatedly stated its complete opposition to the use of chemical weapons by anyone, at anytime, and anywhere in the world. India is an original signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). The international community has recognised India’s abiding commitment and contribution to the CWC which is the universal multilateral instrument prohibiting the use of chemical weapons.

It is therefore a matter of deep concern that Pakistan repeatedly tries to make such false allegations. They are acting in a highly irresponsible manner with the sole purpose of repeating untruths in the vain hope that the international community will start believing in their falsehood. Such malicious attempts to deflect international opinion away from the terrorism emanating from Pakistan shall not succeed.

New Delhi
5 October, 2018


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