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Translation of Prime Minister’s address during ''Yoga for Peace'' event in Argentina

November 30, 2018

Dedicated Yoga-disciples of Argentina,
People of Argentina having unlimited love for India and Indian culture,
Indian brothers and sisters living here in Argentina,
Workers and members of the Art of Living,

Buenas Tardes (Good Afternoon), Buenos Aires,

It is obvious that mornings, days and evening are good (Bueno) in Buenos Aires. On behalf of 1.25 billion Indians I offer my respects and salutations to people here that connected with the great tradition of Maharishi Patanjali. I heartily congratulate the members of the Art of Living and all of you for the splendid arrangements here.


I have reached Buenos Aires after flying for more than 24 hrs and travelling more than 15 thousand kilometers. But because of your enthusiasm and love, I did not feel that I am somewhere out of India. A lot of people here, were doing Surya Namaskar with great respect and efficiency. Your yoga practice amidst this argentine evening has refreshed me and filled me with excitement.


The name of today’s program is ‘Yoga For Peace.’ It is difficult to find a better name than this for any yoga program. Yoga gives us the health of both the body and the mind. Yoga gives strength to our body and peace to our mind. When there is peace in a person's mind, then only there will be peace in the family, in the society, in the country and in the world. For health, wellness and peace, Yoga is the gift of India to the world. 21st June, the International Yoga Day, shows the commitment of whole world, including Argentina, to these values. Yoga is the practical expression of Indian philosophy of ‘May all be Happy’ and ‘Whole World is One Family.’ I am happy to know that this year, 10 thousand people took part in Yoga Day in Buenos Aires.


Yoga itself means to add. It connects us with wellness, it connects us to happiness. And today, Yoga is covering the distance of thousands of kilometers between India and it is connecting both our nations and people. It is tying us in a very intimate connection. There is a distance of 15 thousand kilometers between India and Argentina. We have two vast oceans and continents between the two countries. Time difference between the two countries is 8 hours and 30 minutes. Which means it is evening here but people in India are about to start the rituals of wee hours.

But your Yoga practice has shown that both India and Argentina have respect for each other’s culture and the distance of thousands of kilometers between both countries is nothing but just a figure. If Argentina is interested in India's philosophy, art, music and dance, then there are millions of fans of the Argentine soccer stars in India. Maradona has now become a household name and also used in many vernacular phrases.

Right now Hockey World Cup is being organized in the Indian state of Odisha and because of that there is a lot of enthusiasm in India. Today only Argentina has won their first match in the Hockey World Cup. I heard that the match was very exciting. I wish Argentine team all the best for their upcoming matches.

Dreams and expectations of people of India and Argentina are same. Relations between the two countries are harmonious and friendly. We are both developing and democratic countries and have shared values. Both the countries can get help from each other’s role and influence in the world.

Today, when India's friend, Argentina is hosting the G20 Summit, it is also a matter of great pride for us. The issues which will be discussed in this summit such as global economy, sustainable development, climate change and economic fugitives are in the interest of whole world, not just India or Argentina.

There are immense possibilities of mutual cooperation between our two countries. Trade, pharma, oil & gas, IT and space are many areas where we can take advantage from each other's capabilities.Collaboration between India and Argentina in water, land and sky can create a new shared and golden future everywhere. All of you have important role in taking these relations to new heights. You all are India's Ambassadors. Your contribution is the bridge that connects our two countries. Today, Yoga has brought us together. I would like that we create many more such opportunities to increase the dialogue, communication and cooperation between us. And the happy tango of India and Argentina provides impetus to development and further enhances the sweetness of our intimacy.


I invite Indians and friends of India in Argentina to get to know India in more detail. All of you Indians living in Argentina, please do come to Kashi, for the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas being held in January and also bring your friends along with you.

Around same time Prayagraj would be hosting the Ardh-Kumbh also. You will be able to witness the richness of Indian culture; of a changing and new India. I am grateful that you gave me the opportunity to share things about India and Yoga. I also congratulate Art of Living for their efforts.

I am also grateful to Ms. Patricia Sosa. She made this beautiful evening of yoga even more melodious. May you all keep on connecting to Yoga like this, may Yoga keep on connecting the world. Be happy, stay calm and stay blessed.

Muchas Gracias
Thank you.

Buenos Aires
November 30, 2018

Disclaimer: PM’s speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of Speech.


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