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pk-inPrime Minister interacting with President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari during his visit to India for a religious tour (8 April 2012)India’s relations with Pakistan are the most complex of its ties with its neighbours. Action against terrorism emanating from across the borders remains India’s core concern in its relations with Pakistan.

In spite of the many contentious issues, India and Pakistan have made major strides in reducing the "trust deficit” over the past few years. Bilateral dialogue was resumed after the two Prime Ministers met on the sidelines of SAARC Summit in Thimpu in April 2010 and reaffirmed the importance of carrying forward with the dialogue process with a view to resolving peacefully all outstanding issues. Subsequent regular exchanges between the two countries, including at the highest level, have kept the discussions active on Counter Terrorism, Humanitarian issues, Commerce and Trade, Sir Creek and Siachen, Peace and Security including Confidence building Measures and Jammu & Kashmir. The second round of the resumed dialogue is nearing completion and the two sides have expressed satisfaction on progress made so far.

India has welcomed Pakistan’s efforts to normalize trade relations by moving from positive to negative lists and their eventual elimination. India in turn has allowed foreign direct investment from Pakistan and is ready to formalize new visa regime with Pakistan.

Prime Minister met with the President of Pakistan during his pilgrimage tour to India in April 2012 and reiterated their willingness to find practical and pragmatic solutions to all outstanding issues through constructive and result oriented engagement. They reaffirmed that people are at the heart of the relationship between the two countries and that people to people contacts and cultural exchanges should be promoted.

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