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India revitalizes relations with Comoros

October 08, 2011

Additional Secretary (Africa) Gurjit Singh (ASA) , paid an official visit to the Union of Comoros from October 4-6, 2011. This was the first visit by an Indian official to Comoros and came after the enhanced cooperation with Africa announced at the 2nd IAFS in May 2011.

During his visit, ASA called on President Dr.Ikililou Dhoinine and other leaders. He offered an additional soft loan of US $ 35 million for developmental projects to be chosen by Comoros. This is in addition to the earlier offer of US $ 41.6 Million for an 18 MW power project in Moroni. India has also offered to set up a Vocational Training Centre in Moroni to impart skills in plumbing, welding, electrical, civil works and IT to Comorians as soon as a site was finalized. In response to a Comorian request for support in solar energy he expressed India's readiness to train Comorian women in the field of solar engineering in the Barefoot College of India under ITEC.

ASA conveyed India's appreciation for the valuable support of Comoros for India's non-permanent seat at the UNSC and also for the continued support for India's bid for a permanent membership of the UNSC.

President Dhoinine expressed his deep appreciation of India's assistance for the development of Comoros. He said that the loan of US $ 35 million could be utilized for generating power in three islands of Comoros, which were suffering from serious energy crisis. He was also pleased at the setting up of the Pan-African e-Network for Tele-medicine, Tele-education and VVIP by India, as well as, invitations to Comorians for training program in various fields in India. He described India as a steadfast friend of Comoros.


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