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Q.2803 Relation with Neighbouring Countries

September 06, 2012

Rajya Sabha
Unstarred Question No. 2803
To be Answered on 06.09.2012

2803. Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy:

Will the Minister of EXTERNAL AFFAIRS be pleased to state:

(a) whether Government is concerned about the present relationship of India with various neighbouring countries which are not cordial;

(b) if so, the details thereof;

(c) whether it is a fact that various sectors including trade, tourism, etc. have suffered huge losses due to such non-cordial relations; and

(d) the details of steps taken by Government for having result oriented dialogues and resolving the disputed matters during the last three years?

The Minister of State in The Ministry of External Affairs
(Shrimati Preneet Kaur)

(a) & (b) The Government accords the highest priority to its relations with various neighbouring countries and is guided by the fundamental premise that a stable, prosperous and peaceful neighbourhood is in the mutual interest of India and the countries in the region. India’s relations with neighbouring countries are based on equality, mutuality of benefit and respect for each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

(c) & (d) In last three years, political engagements between India and its neighbouring countries have increased. There have been regular exchange of Ministerial and official delegation visits, including at the level of Heads of States/Governments in last three years to discuss issues of mutual interest. India is committed to resolve all outstanding issues with neighbouring countries through dialogue. Bilateral trade, Investment, Tourism and people-to-people contact between India and various neighbouring countries has increased significantly over the past couple of years.


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