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Speech by Prime Minister on ''Mission Shakti'', India's Anti-Satellite Missile test conducted on 27 March, 2019

March 27, 2019

My dear countrymen,

I am addressing you today for a very special purpose.

Today March 27, a short while ago, India has achieved a remarkable success. India has today established itself as a global space power. So far only three countries in the world – USA, Russia and China had this capability. Today, India has become the fourth country to acquire this status as a space power. There can be no bigger moment of pride for every Indian than this.

A short while ago, India’s scientists have successfully hit a target in space with an Anti-satellite or ASAT missile. The target was a live satellite which was flying in a Low Earth Orbit. The missile travelled a distance of almost 300 kms from earth and hit the target within three minutes of its launch. Mission Shakti was a highly complex operation which required great precision and extremely high technical competence. All the objectives that were set by the scientists have been fulfilled.

It is a matter of pride for all of us in India that Mission was accomplished using an indigenously developed ASAT missile.

Dear countrymen,

I want to first and foremost congratulate and compliment all the scientists, researchers and others associated with this Mission Shakti, including from DRDO, for their success. The nation is proud of them.

Outer space has today become a critical part of our day to day lives. It is no longer as far as it appears. A large number of Indian satellites are today orbiting around the earth helping our farmers, our fishermen, our students, our armed forces and our workers in different ways. They provide us with help in agriculture, communication links, help in disaster management, in weather forecasting, navigation, education and help our planes, ships and even trains to move. The benefits of our satellites are reaching every Indian.

The importance of space and satellites in the world will continue to grow. Possibly, life will be incomplete without them. In such a condition, defending and securing these valuable assets becomes equally important. From the point of view of India’s security and economic development, today’s ASAT missile will give the country new strength.

Today, I also want to assure the international community that the new capability we have developed is not directed against anyone. India has no intention to threaten anyone. This is an effort to secure a fast growing India. India has always been opposed to the weaponisation of space and an arms race in outer space, and this test does not in any way change this position. Today’s test does not violate any international law or Treaty obligation to which India is a party.

We want to use modern day technologies for the security and welfare of our 1.3 billion people. A strong India can be a guarantor of peace in the region and beyond. Our strategic objective is to preserve peace, not prepare for war.

Dear countrymen,

The main objective of our space programme is ensuring the country’s security, its economic development and India’s technological progress. Today’s Mission Shakti is another important step in ensuring these dreams, which is important for ensuring the security of all these three pillars.

The success achieved today should be seen as a step in the direction of building a secure nation, a prosperous nation, and a peace-loving nation. It is necessary for us to look ahead and prepare for the future today. We have to keep pace with technology so that we can positively transform the lives of our people.All Indians must feel secure and have the confidence to meet the challenges of the future.

I have great faith in the qualities of hardwork, determination and dedication and talent of our people. I have no doubt that together we can continue to build a strong, prosperous and secure India.

I imaginea country which thinks two steps ahead of its times, and also has the courage to move forward on this path.

Once again, my greetings to all my countrymen on today’s great success, and my compliments once again to all those who were associated with this mission.

Thank you.
Bharat Mata ki Jai

New Delhi
March 27, 2019

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