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Agreement on Letter Post

November 27, 1974



In order to establish an exchange of correspondence between

Government of the Republic of INDIA and Government of the People's Republic of BANGLADESH,

UNDERSIGNED, duly authorised for the purpose,

HAVE AGREED upon the following articles :

Article 1
There shall be, between the Government of India and the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, a regular exchange of the following kinds of unregistered correspondence, namely, letters, letter cards, single post-cards, reply postcards, printed papers, small packets, literature for the blind and registered newspapers, i.e., newspapers which for the purpose or inland post are treated as registered newspapers.

Article 2
Closed mails exchanged between two administrations or between two offices of the same country by means of the services of one or more other administration (third party services) shall be subject to the transit charges as indicated in the Universal Postal Union Convention Tokyo 1969. These charges shall be payable by the administration of the country of origin of the mail. Nevertheless, costs of conveyance between two offices of the country of destination shall be borne by that country.

Article 3
The postage on postal articles exchanged between the two Administrations shall be paid by means of postage stamps of the country of origin and such pre-payment shall entitle the postal articles to be delivered free of all postal charges. The two Administrations shall communicate to each other details of their tariffs of postal charges and shall supply each other with six complete sets of postage stamps used in their respective services.

Article 4
The Postal Administrations of Government of the Republic of India and Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh will prescribe appropriate postage rates and fees for all correspondence between the two countries which will be in conformity with the inland postage rates of the respective countries.

Article 5
Unpaid or insufficiently prepaid correspondence which is wrongly accepted shall be liable to a charge, to be paid by the addressee, equal to double the postage or double the amount of deficiency.

Article 6
Each Administration shall keep the whole of the sums which it collects under Articles 3, 4 and 5.

Article 7
Redirection of articles between India and Bangladesh will be governed by the provisions of the Conventions' of the Universal Postal Union.

Article 8
Correspondence relating to the Postal Services will be exempted from all postage if exchanged between the following :

(a) The Postal Administrations of the two countries.

(b) The Post Offices of the two countries.

(c) A Post Office of one country and the Postal Administration of the other.

Such correspondence should bear on the front upper left corner the indication "Postal Service.”

Article 9
First class mails, viz., letters, lettercards, single and reply postcards originating in either country and destined to the other shall be afforded air conveyance to the extent it is beneficial for the speedy transmission of the mails. The Administration of destination shall not recover any charge from the Administration of origin for air conveyance on its internal sectors.

Article 10
When, owing to exceptional circumstances, either Government finds itself obliged to suspend its services temporarily either wholly or in part, it is bound to notify the fact immediately, if need be by telegram, to the other Administration.

further matters of detail relating to the operation of the postal services may be settled by mutual consent.

Article 11
Both the Governments hereby agree that the provisions of the Universal Postal Convention, of the Final Protocol to the Universal Postal Convention and of the Detailed Regulations for implementing the Universal Postal Convention, shall govern matters not expressly regulated by the provisions of the present Agreement.

Article 12
The present Arrangement shall enter into force with effect from 27th November 1974. It shall thereafter continue to be in force until it is terminated by either Administration giving six months' notice in writing to the other.

DONE at Dacca on the 27th November in the year 1974 in duplicate and signed at Dacca.

Sd / -
For the Republic of India
Sd /-
For the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

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