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Address by Minister of State for External Affairs Smt Preneet Kaur at the closing ceremony of the 9th World Hindi Conference

September 24, 2012

(Unofficial translation)

Respected Member of Parliament Shri Satyavrat Chaturvediji, Secretary (West) Shri Madhusudan Ganpathi, the High Commissioner of India in South Africa Shri Virendra Gupta, the Joint Director Gauteng branch of Hindi Shiksha Sangh Shri Heeralall Sewnath and dear friends.

When we last met two days ago, I had expressed my hope that the 9th World Hindi Conference would be successful in realizing its objectives. In the academic sessions spread over the last two days, there have been in-depth deliberations encompassing various aspects of Hindi. Over a hundred papers were presented and reports were submitted based on the deliberations and recommendations in those sessions. A resolution incorporating certain action points has been formulated based on the issues highlighted during the conference. Now we all have to work together to implement those action points.

I am very happy to see that this conference was like a celebration in which along with writers and scholars others also participated undertaking a long journey merely for their love for the language. People of Indian origin and others from Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and other cities of South Africa came here, artists from South Africa and India performed cultural programmes, and a composite exhibition on diverse aspects of Hindi was put up. All this turned this conference into a celebration, a festival. Our’s is a country of festivals. There is a festival for every occasion; every region has its own festivals which lend color to the Indian culture and give it a unique identity. This conference also was no less than a festival which was made more beautiful by your smiling faces. Our languages have always taken the message of love, peace and brotherhood to far off places. We got to see a glimpse of that in this conference.

We are happy to honour Indian and Foreign Scholars at this conference. It is my belief that the foreign scholars would work together sincerely for promotion of Hindi in their respective countries. I would like to thank the scholars and Hindi lovers who have come from India, South Africa and other countries to participate in this conference.

This conference has come to an end but this is not an end of our work. It was just another milestone covered; the journey ahead has only just begun.

I once again thank the Ministers and officers of South Africa and Mauritius for sparing their valuable time for the conference giving us the much desired encouragement.

Thank you.

September 24, 2012


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