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Transcript of Weekly Media Briefing by the Official Spokesperson (October 07, 2022)

October 07, 2022

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: A very good afternoon to all of you. Thank you for joining us for our weekly media briefing. I don't have any particular announcement. So we could have a round of questions. I did see Shailendra. Okay, go ahead.

Shailendra: Sir, Aapne dekha hoga California mein Sikh parivar ki hatya kar di gayi, jismein pehle kidnapping hui or unki body recover kar li gayi hain, is pure mamle ko lekar MEA ne ya Indian embassy jo America mein hai unki taraf se kya karvai ki gayi ? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sir, you must have seen, a Sikh family had been murdered in California, in which the kidnapping took place first and the bodies have been recovered. What action has been taken by the MEA or the Indian Embassy in the US regarding this matter?

Sidhant: Sir Sidhant from WION. My question is on the situation of the Indian prisoners in Pakistan, particularly the fishermen. There are reports that many of them have died in past few months. Any reaction by the Indian government? Have you reached out to Islamabad?

Yeshi: This is Yeshi Seli from The New Indian Express. The UK Home Secretary has talked about the Indian immigrants staying illegally in the UK. Do you think this will be a spanner in the works of the ongoing FTA talks, will it overshoot the deadline?

Reza: Reza from Hindustan Times. The same thing, I mean, the UK Home Secretary making these remarks about how a trade deal could lead to greater immigration from India, and which is what she opposes. I mean, basically, that seems to negate the whole thing about mobility of professionals and students. And also the fact that you know, she claims that India has the highest number of visa overstayers. Do the facts and figures kind of bear that out?

Kavita Joshi: Sir main Kavita Joshi hoon Hari Bhoomi Newspaper se, Sir mera sawal yeh hai ki abhi kuchh din pahle chin ke jo rajdut hain bharat mein unhonne LAC vivad ko lekar ke ek dava kiya hai ki vivad ab khatm ho chuka hai aur bharat aur chin ke beech mein jo haalat hai, paristhitiyan hai LAC par woh samanya ho gai hai to, ispar videsh mantralay ka kya kehna hai? kya aap unke daave se sahmat hain? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sir I am Kavita Joshi from Hari Bhoomi Newspaper, My question is that just a few days ago, the Ambassador of China in India has made a claim about the LAC dispute is now over and the situation between India and China, the situation at LAC has become normal. So, what does the Ministry of External Affairs have to say on this? Do you agree with his claim?

Manas: Sir it is Manas from PTI. Sir what is the status of FTA talks between India and UK? Because there are indications that they will be closing it very soon. So if these comments put any spanner on the ongoing talks and what is the overall status now?

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: Look, let me try to take one round of these questions and I will come back for another round. Let me start with the very, very unfortunate case in the US.

Shailendra aapne puchha tha iske baare mein. Dekhiye, ye bahut dukhad ghatna hai, iske baare mein aapne dekha hi hoga, reporting kuchh hui hai, hamare Consulate General jo San Francisco mein hai unhone bhi kal sham ko unke time pe ek tweet nikala hai ki wo contact mein hai unki family ke sath. Hamare taraf se hum yahi kah sakte hai ki haan hum iske baare mein avagat to hain hi aur jo Merced County uska naam hai California mein. Unke police adhikari sakriya roop se is apradh ki jaanch kar rahe hai aur San Francisco mein hamara jo dutavas hai woh ghatnakram ka follow-up toh kar hi rahe hain, contact mein hain, family ke sath bhi contact mein hain aur sampark mein hum hain aur jo bhi sahayata hum kar sakte hain hum pradan karte rahenge is tarah se. Abhi ongoing chal raha hai investigation, to iske baaren mein aur main kahna nahi chahunga par ye bahut shocking incident hai aur aur jitna hum kar sakte hai counsellor side se hum karenge. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Shailendra, you asked about it. See, this is a very sad incident, you must have seen, there are some reports, our Consulate General in San Francisco has also released a tweet last evening at their time that they are in touch with the family. On our part, we can say that yes, we are aware about this and this is in Merced County in California. Their police officers are actively investigating this crime and our Consulate in San Francisco are not only following-up the developments, but also are in contact with the family and we are in touch with them and we will continue to provide whatever help we can in this way. Right now, the investigation is ongoing and I would not like to comment on it, but this is a very shocking incident and we will do as much as we can from the counsellor side.

Moving on to Sidhant, you had a query on the Pakistan issue. Look this is the ongoing problem, but what we understand is that there have been increasing number of deaths of fishermen in the recent time. Six Indian prisoners or fisherman, five of them I think were fishermen, have died in Pakistani custody in the last nine months or so. All six of them, interestingly had completed their sentences, but they were what we would call it illegally detained by Pakistan, despite completing their sentences, and in spite of multiple demands from Indian side for their release and repatriation. This increasing incidence of death of Indian prisoners is alarming, and raises the question of their safety and security in Pakistani jails. The matter has been raised by our High Commission in Islamabad, as well as with the Pakistani High Commission here. And we would like to reiterate that Pakistan is duty bound to ensure the safety and security of all Indian prisoners in its custody. And we request the Pakistan government once again to release and repatriate all Indian prisoners immediately.

There were a series of questions on the FTA. Look, we've discussed this in the past a bit. So let me pick up from that in terms of a deadline, or I think somebody asked about the status. As we've said before, I think there is interest on both sides to conclude the FTA at the earliest. Manas you asked about what's the status on that. So, yes, there is interest on both sides, I think Diwali was set as a goal. But that's a goal. I understand that intensive discussions are underway towards this, still continuing. Of course, as regards the current status of negotiations or any specific deadline, look, I will have to refer you to the actual negotiators, which is in fact, from the Ministry of Commerce and the team, inter agency team that heads this. So on that I wouldn’t like to get into it. But to say that, yes, I think there is interest, when it will finally happen, of course, it depends, negotiations are like that. As regards the comments, I would not like to get into the comments by UK Home Secretary, which I saw only as a media report. But just to perhaps mention that, look, all negotiations are a part of give and take and there are elements, it needs to be a win win for both sides. So I think I won’t like to get into what people say perhaps for domestic perspectives. I don't have data on overstayers or otherwise, I'm not even sure I'd be able to comment on overstays. But whenever there's an Indian citizen abroad, you know, we always strongly encourage legal migration and if they need to come back, they will come back. But yes, there is a process for that, to have people come back and establish their identity and other elements. So I wouldn't like to comment and in any case, I think our High Commission has issued a statement in this regard, which probably has more details regarding this issue. The migration mobility is an important element and you know there was an understanding in this regard, which we would expect certainly that both sides would honour it and we certainly are taking action on our elements and we would expect the UK side to also show, as our High Commission said, demonstrable actions on that. I think that covers what Yeshi was saying as well as I think, Reza you'd asked and of course Manas as I said.

Kavita ji aapne puchha tha LAC pe normalcy ke bare meh, dekhiye, ismen tippani normally koi High Commissioner karte hain, ya inke case mein Ambassador karte hain. main ismen itana nahi kehna chahunga, hum jo keh rahe hain, jis tarah se hum dekhte hain vahan development on the LAC, iske baare mein toh aap jaante hi hain. hamne keh rakha hai ki disengagement, de-escalation is tarah ke kya steps hone chahiye, hamare External Affairs Minister ne bhi ismen comment kiya tha. in fact unke foreign minister bhi aye tab bhi hum yahi kah rahe hai, poori normalcy ke liye kuchh steps jaruri hain vahan toh hum bilkul nahi pahunche hain par hum chahenge ki wo poora sequence rehta hai, ki disengagement ho jaye, de-escalation ho fir border par normalcy ho taki hamare overall relationship mein koi regularity ya normalcy aa paye. abhi vahan tak nahi pahunche hain, abhi haal hi mein aapne dekha hoga ki hamare varisht adhikariyon ne yahi kaha hai to I think aisa kehna correct nahi hoga, situation abhi us tarah se main usko nahi kehna chahunga ki normal hai ismen kuchh positive steps hue hain par abhi bhi kuchh aur steps baki hain. EAM ne jaisa kaha tha recent jo disengagement PP15 se hui thi was another step. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate translation) Kavita ji, you asked about normalcy at LAC. See, the comments are normally made by a High Commissioner or in their case, by an Ambassador. I would not like to say much in this, you already know about what we are saying, the development on the LAC, the way we see it. We have said what the steps should be, like disengagement, de-escalation, our External affairs Minister also commented on it. In fact when their foreign minister came, we also said it. Some steps are necessary for complete normalcy, we have not reached that at all, but we would like that the whole sequence is there, that there is disengagement, de-escalation, then there is normalcy on the border so that there can be any regularity or normalcy in our overall relationship. We have not reached there yet. Recently you must have seen that our senior officers have said it, so it will not be correct to say this, I think I would not be able to say in the way that the situation is normal, there have been some positive steps but some more steps are still left. As EAM said that the recent disengagement from PP15, that just happened, was another step. Okay, next round of questions. I saw your hand. Yeah, please.

Anil Singh: Good evening sir. I am Anil Singh from INS. Sir mera pehla sawal hai, Uyghurs ke atyacharon par Cheen ke khilaaf UNHRC ke prastav se bharat kyon door raha? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Why did India stay back from the UNHRC resolution against China on atrocities on Uyghurs? Sir my second question is Geneva mein UNHRC se pehli baar kashmir ke aatanki piditon ne pratinidhitv kiya, kya aapko lagta hai ki kashmir mein aatankwad mein Pakistan ki sanlipta ke baare mein sachchaai saamne laane mein ye bharat ke mamle ko vaishwik mancho mein mazboot banaega? kya reaction hai aapka? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sir my second question is that terror victims from Kashmir represented themselves for the first time from UNHRC in Geneva, do you think it will strengthen India's case in global fora in bringing out the truth about Pakistan's involvement in terrorism in Kashmir. What is your reaction?

Meghna: Sir Meghna from DD News. Sir there have been reports that there has been a student of Indian origin in Purdue University who has been murdered, and the report suggests that he has been murdered by his roommate. So do we have any details on it? Or are we in touch with the student or his family? I have another question as well. Sir there have been also reports of fake job rackets from Cambodia. So what is the update on it? Are more people into it as well? Also, MEA has given details of the agents who are operating from India. So has there been any response from the states that has come?

Sudhi Ranjan: Sir Sudhi Ranjan from Bloomberg. We're getting reports about Paris Club approaching India and China on Sri Lanka's debt restructuring. Could you give us an understanding as to India’s stand?

Kadambini Sharma: Kadimbini Sharma from NDTV India, Myanmar mein jo IT professionals fanse hue hain unke numbers kya hai? Kyon ki kuchh log jo wapas aaye hai usmein woh keh rahe hain ki unme there are some women as well, aur karib 300-500. 300-500 more IT professionals are stuck there. To baaki jin deshon ki aapne baat ki hai apni advisory mein, Laos, Cambodia ki to waha par kitne log fase huye hain, koi break up aapke paas hai? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Kadimbini Sharma from NDTV India, what are the numbers of IT professionals who are stuck in Myanmar? Because some people who have come back are saying that there are some women as well and about 300-500 more IT professionals are stuck there. So, the other countries you talked about in your advisory like Loas, Cambodia; how many people are stuck there? Do you have any break up?

Suhasini: This is Suhasini. I have a question on India - US relations, which has three parts to it and you have to forgive me, we haven't had a briefing for two weeks. So, some of it may be dated, but it's important. The first is, has India protested the United States sanctions against an Indian company, particularly with regard to Pakistan’s use of the F16s. And the third is a more recent one, the US ambassador to Pakistan has visited Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, but he's referred to it repeatedly as azad Jammu and Kashmir. Does the MEA have a comment?

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: Okay, let me take this round and I'll come back to another set of it. Let me start actually with Meghna your question. Look, this is another incident, very unfortunate incident. Again I'm not sure how much we're following this as closely in the sense that I think the perpetrator has been arrested. Also, we’re just checking I think he's a US National but nevertheless, given the links to India, if there's anything we can do, we will assist. We are of course, keeping an eye out on developments. That is very sad story there. On the fake job there was your question also as well, as I think Kadambini, you mentioned about the issue of Myanmar and you mentioned Cambodia. Look, I think there've been multiple things we discussed this, couple of weeks ago during our Presser and I will try to link both of that. With this incident actually on the Myanmar side, we certainly have been looking at it. We have issued advisories, our Embassy in Yangon, as well as in Bangkok have issued advisories, we issues advisory I think on the 24th where we highlighted the risk and I would like to reiterate this strongly here to people who are watching, look, be extremely careful what kind of dubious job offers that you accept because once you are stuck there, it gets very difficult to bring you back safely. We will try our best. So this is just a word of caution. If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably is too good to be true. In specific terms on Cambodia you mentioned on Cambodia, look, I think our Mission there has been putting out as people have been rescued. I think about 80 odd people have been rescued over the last few weeks, months maybe. Of course we don't know exactly how many are there because this is A- evolving number and B- if we knew we'd be able to get them out easier in Cambodia. But I think our Mission had that broad number of people, 70 or 80 people that had been pulled out rescued there and they came back into Thailand I think. I think that maybe mix of Laos and Cambodia but Cambodia has been I think we yesterday also highlighted some photographs and stuff. That's what I said Laos and Cambodia so there's nothing to do with Myanmar. So let me just check exactly how many from which place, but I think we had this problem on the Laos border, we had this problem in Cambodia, but Cambodia I think was 70 or 80 of what I spoke to our ambassador yesterday and we had that number.

Myanmar ke baare mein aapne puchha tha, vahan pe hamne jyada information pehle aapse sajha kar chuke hain, dekhiye, vahan pe bhi is tarah ke fraud offers aate hain Indian citizens ko Myawaddy area mein hain vahan se karib 50 log abhi rescue ho chuke hain, i think maine abhi dekha 49, koi 3-4 aur nikal aaye hain, karib 49 hain. kuchh log vahan se nikal gaye hai captivity se par Myanmar authority ke sath police ke paas hai kyokin woh illegally enter kiye the, usake liye bhi koshish jaari hai ki woh wapis aa payen ya unko bhi hum le aayen, vo avaidh pravesh ke lie jo prakriya karni padti hai woh kar rahe hai isake alava kuchh aur log hai jo obviously abhi bhi captivity mein hain, iska exact number mere pass bhi nahi hai. 300-500, maine bhi padha kahin se key koi MEA ka official kah raha hai, main bhi janana chahta hoon, agar aap log jante hai to bata den mere pass to aisa koi number nahi hai, kuchh honge, kuchh logon ne humse contact kiya main number aur naam nahi dena chahta hoon kyokin unaka paristhiti ke karan woh abhi contact mein hai hamare embassy ke saath, par unko bhi hum koshish kar rahe hai ki unko nikalne ki par 300 ki tarah number nahi hai kam number hai us tarah se. par hamein dar yeh hai ki woh badhta rehta hai beech-beech mein kyokin aur log ja rahe hai Thailand mein aur fir aise koi group ke control mein aa jaate hai fir phans jate hai isliye mera yahi gujarish hai sabse ki agar aisa koi request ho ya job offer dekh rahe hai, jisko thik na lage, aapne achchhi tarah contact check nahi kiya ho usko accept mat kijiega. to, isi chakkar mein aap fans jayenge kabhi, kuchh aise offers ho Laos aur Cambodia men aise operation chal rahe hai, Myanmar specific mein jaisa maine kaha karib 50 k log nikal aye hain aur bhi kuchh sampark mein hain bharatiyon se jo vahan atke hue hain. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) You had asked about Myanmar, we have shared more information with you earlier, see, such fraud offers also come to Indian citizens from there. About 50 of them just been rescued from Myawaddy area, I think I just saw 49 some 3-4 more have come out, there are about 49. Some people have left from captivity there, but they are with Myanmar authorities, with the police, because they entered illegally, efforts are also on so that they come back or we can also bring them, they are doing the process that has to be done due to the illegal entry. Apart from this, there are some other people obviously still in captivity, I do not have the exact number. 300-500, I also read from somewhere that some MEA official is saying, I also want to know, if you people know, then tell me, I do not have any such number, some people will be there, some people contacted us, I do not want to give number and name due to their situation, they are in contact with our embassy right now, but we are also trying to rescue them, but there is no number like 300, it is less. But we fear that it keeps growing in between because more people are going to Thailand and then come under the control of such group and then get trapped, so my request is that if there is such a request or a job offer, which does not look genuine, don't accept that if you haven't checked the contact well, you may be trapped in it. Right now, there are such operations going on in Laos and Cambodia, as I said about Myanmar specific, about 50 people have come out and some are also in touch with Indians who are stuck there.

Sudhi your question was Paris Club but let me make perhaps a more general comment on Sri Lanka and how we approach it. I think that would be a safer way of looking at it. You would have seen a statement, I think our High Commission and I think it was last month about the middle of the month, had issued a statement regarding its meeting with the Sri Lankan side, I think was 16th of September, where in India support for early conclusion and approval of a suitable IMF program was conveyed. And subsequently, our High Commissioner then attended what is called the ambassador's forum was organized by the government of Sri Lanka under I think the chairmanship of the President himself of Sri Lanka on the 22nd of September. And relevant authorities’, entities from India attended the subsequent virtual meeting, again organised by the Sri Lankan side on September 23rd. I think we are in close touch with the relevant Sri Lankan stakeholders. I think it would require all the major donors or creditors to work together on that and that's why I think this IMF restructuring plan and we are supportive of that. So I leave it at that because I think this is a part of the discussions that are going on. I don't have a particular comment on the Paris Club part. But again, I think larger restructuring with IMF lead is probably something that we have been aware of and are in touch. So our support to our early conclusion approval of a suitable IMF program for Sri Lanka for which financing assurances from creditors to make Sri Lanka's debt sustainable would be required.

Suhasini on India-US which I'll take three different question, to be very honest I don't know which one to start off. On the US sanctions that's the first one you had,right. Look, I think you're referring to a specific Indian entity. There was a press release on the US side, that is a private company,the US entity that you referred to is a private company, and this is a new development and we are looking into it. You asked whether this issue come up during EAM’s visit to Washington? No, the subject did not come up during that conversation. On the F16 elements, look, you've seen some statements out, I think the US side made some clarifications subsequently after that I think one of their senior officials was here. He made some comments in one interview here. But I would basically say that, look, our views on this issue are very well known to the US side on our concerns and views on F16 for counterterrorism operations. As regards the US ambassador to Pakistan, his recent visit and his comments to Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir let me just confirm that yes our objection to the visit and meetings in Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir by the US ambassador to Pakistan has been conveyed to the US side. Okay, moving on. Any further questions?

Srinjoy: Is WMCC likely to happen in a few days? And secondly, we've heard of 40% of Pakistan being flooded. Has that had any impact on infiltration?

Sir Abhishek from CNN News 18. Sir my question is regarding Indian students who have been stuck in India are those who are studying Chinese universities, not many of visas are being issued by Chinese authorities, though they are allowing more students from other countries to visit China and attend their colleges. And also there is a situation where the direct flights are not available. So these matters have been raised earlier with the Chinese authorities. What is India update on that?

Shashank Mattoo with the Mint. The Russian parliament is going ahead with its annexation of Ukrainian territories and our PR to the UN basically said that India is very deeply disturbed by the developments in Ukraine. This has also come after President Putin promised the Prime Minister that Russia would look into India's concerns about the Ukraine war, does this annexation of territory change India's position in any way? How are we looking at things as they evolve?

Nayanima: Nayanima from the Print. Just wanted to understand what is it that we are planning to actually do with the Afghan students who are waiting for the visas for past over one year. Apparently some of them have gotten letters from ICCR that their admission has been cancelled, because they could not reach the universities. They have been also protesting in front of the Indian Embassy in Kabul. So if you can give us an update on that, thank you.

Resa: Resa from Times Network. Sir on the India abstaining from voting at the UN HCR you haven't answered would like to have an answer on that.

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: Apologies. I thought I've done all of that. I'll come back to you. Let me take this question because I am missing one of them. Dekhiye, jo main abhi keh raha tha aapko, US Ambassador jo abhi gaye the POK mein, POJK mein Pakistan Occupied Jammu Kashmir mein, isamen hamare jo objections hain aur iske visit ke baare mein aur iske meetings ke baare mein ye hamne US side ko convey kar diya hai aur ye aap yahi chahte the na ismen aur aapne pucha tha hamare pehla jo prashn tha na aapka, sorry anil mujhe answer karna chahiye tha tab. Iss baar bhi UNHRC session chal rahi hai vaha pe aur UNHRC session mein hamane abhi kuch resolution mein voting hui hai, aapne dekha hoga aapne unmen se ek mein poochha hai, main sirf yahi kehna chahunga ki bharat sabhi manavadhikaro ko uphold karane ke lie pratibaddh hai, bharat ka vote uski lambe samay se chali a rahi position ke anuroop hai, ki country specific prastav kabhi madadgar nahi hote hain. Bharat aise muddon se nipatane ke liye batchit ke pakshadhar hai aur hamne xinjang uyghur autonomus region mein manavadhikaron ki chintaon ke sambandhit jo OHCHR ki report thi uska aankalan par gaur kiya hai aur xinjang uyghur autonomus region ke logon ke manavadhikaro ka sammaan kia jaana chahiye aur unki jo manavadhikar ka guarantee or respect karna chahiye, ispe jor dena chahiye hamen ummid hai ki sambandhit paksh sthiti ko nishpaksh aur thik roop se sambodhit karenge. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) See what I was just telling you about the US ambassador who just went to POK, Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir, POJK, we have objections in it and about the visit and its meetings, we have conveyed this to the US side. Sorry Anil, I should have answered your question then. This time too, the UNHRC session is going on, we have just voted in some resolutions in the UNHRC session, you must have seen. As we were saying that India remains committed to upholding all human rights. India's vote is in line with its long held position that country specific resolutions are never helpful. India favours a dialogue to deal with such issues. We have taken note of the OHCHR assessment of human rights concerns in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China. The human rights of the people of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region should be respected and guaranteed. This should be emphasized. We hope that the relevant parties will address the situation objectively and properly.

I know you will want it in English. So let me say it in English right now. India remains committed to upholding all human rights. India's vote at the UNHRC was in line with its long held position that countries specific resolutions are never helpful. India favours a dialogue to deal with such issues. We have taken note of the OHCHR assessment of human rights concerns in Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region of the People's Republic of China. The human rights of the people of Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region should be respected and guaranteed. We hope that the relevant party will address the situation objectively and properly.

Dekhiye, hum terrorism ki is tarah se baat karte hai koi bda dispassionately dur taraf se, i think directly sunna jo victims hai unse fark padta hai aur hamare liye acha step hai ki unko council sun paye directly, terrorism ke victims ko, isse kya impact hoga woh toh main abhi judge nahi kar sakta hoon par ye important hai ki ek human face diya jaye terrorism ke victims ko, sirf numbers ya ankade na rahe. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) See, we talk about terrorism in this way very dispassionately, I think directly listening to the victims makes a difference and it is a good step that the council can hear them directly, the victims of terrorism. I can't express what impact it will have right now, but it is important that a human face is given to the victims of terrorism, and they are not just numbers or figures.

Moving on to the questions on this round, I would say to the WMCC question when it's there, we will announce it. I don't have anything to share right now. On the 40% infiltration and the 40% underwater infiltration. Look, I'm not the expert on these numbers, you'll have to ask our security agencies. I would only reiterate our position that we would like to see a change in the ground situation where terrorism and infiltration and these elements are reduced or ideally sought that Pakistan can take necessary action in that regard.

Abhishek you asked about the Chinese visas for Indian students. This has been issue that we have been discussing with the Chinese side. I would like to just say that, as you are aware as I mentioned that both here and in Beijing, we have been raising this matter. I think the Chinese Embassy in August announced that I think effective 24th of August it would be accepting visa applications from Indian students wishing to return to China for their studies. As far as we are aware, as per information the return of Indian students to China is now underway. Our mission in Beijing has continued to press and pursue with the Chinese side for completing the necessary formalities enabling our students return to China at an early date. I would advise our students to stay in touch with their universities for carrying out procedures for obtaining a visa and returning to China. Our mission and our consulates in China are stand ready to respond to the students requests for advice or facilitation and to the best of their capacity, whatever our missions can do. So, I hope that we will see positive movement on this issue.

On the issue of the Russian part, rather annexation element on the latest one. Look on this I would refer to our explanation of voting the UN Security Council on a resolution that happened just after the issue of the referendum. India's position has been clear and consistent from the very beginning of this conflict. The global order is anchored on the principles of the UN Charter, international law and respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states. Our vote on the resolution is made keeping in mind the totality of the situation and the text of the resolution and we have already made this detailed expression of vote on 30th September so I would refer you to that.

Regarding Nayanima on the issue of Afghan, look, visa is an issue that I must confess is completely dealt by the Ministry of Home Affairs to be honest, this process as you know, we have an E visa mechanism going on. We have a technical team there, but that is not a full-fledged embassy that is doing the visa. I know there have been representations etc. from Afghan students who would like a visa but I think External Affairs Minister made a comment here, I think a few days ago when he talked about trust and security issues there which would enable situation to issue Visa there. I don't think I have anything further to add to that.

Vijayalakshmi: Sir Vijayalakshmi hoon, India TV se, Sir Canada mein Sikh for justice hai, 7 November ko referendum kara rahen hain vahan per independent Punjab ke liye, ispar kya bharat sarkar vahan authority se baat karengi kyoki pahli baar nahi aisa pehle bhi hua hai aur Sikh for justice lagatar bharat virodhi gatividhiyan vahan par kar raha hai (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sir Vijayalakshmi, from India TV, Sir in Canada, Sikh for Justice, is holding a referendum on November 7 for Independent Punjab, will the Government of India talk to the authority there because this has not happened for the first time and has happened before and Sikh for Justice is constantly doing anti-India activities there.

Kallol: Kallol from The Hindu. There are reports from Iran that over the last four weeks wide spread human rights violations have taken place, young women have been murdered in police custody, there are sports figure who have been hunted by the police. Has India voted asking for Independent investigation in the death of Mahsa Amini. And what is India’s position in general about the apprising that was taking place in Iran over the last several weeks.

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: Dekhiye, SFJ aur aapne so called referendum ki baat ki, maine already ek statement pichhali baar diya tha aur mere pass additional kuchh kahane ke liye nahi hai except ki aise developments, objectionable developments ho Canada mein, hamen ismein bahut khed hai ki aisi cheezein allow ki ja rahi hain ek friendly country mein, hamane ye pichli baar bhi dohraya tha. I think part 2 kah rahe hai iska, hamane ye issue hamare jo concerns hai ye to obviously Canadian government ko different levels convey kar chuke hain, hum apeksha karte hai ki aise developments ya aise activities na ho, hamane advisory bhi issue ki hai ki anti-India activity kiss tarah se badh rahi hai us desh mein aur kitna risk ho sakta hai hamare Indians ko aisi chijon mein. Aap jaise ki jante hai hame bhulana nahi chahiye kis tarah se violence hua tha kanishka bombing bhi isi tarah ki gatividhiyon kaise link ho sakti hai or pehle ho chuki hai aur aap jaante hi hai ki woh organization ban hai hamare yahan, hamane ban kar rakha hai. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) See, SFJ and you talked about the so called referendum, I already gave a statement last time and I do not have anything additional to say except that there are some such developments, objectionable developments in Canada, it is very sad that such things are being allowed in a friendly country, we repeated this last time too. I think part 2 is saying this, we have obviously conveyed different levels to the Canadian government. We expect that there should not be such developments or such activities, we have also issued an advisory on how anti-India activity is increasing in that country and how much risk can be there for us Indians in such things. As you know, we should not forget how violence took place, Kanishka bomb blast, bombing can also get linked to similar activities and has happened before and you know that that organization is banned here, we have banned it.

Kallol on your issue look I don’t have any specific comment to share on your query. I don’t think we have said anything on this in the HRC and on the overall thing I don’t have an immediate response for you or any specific comment on that. Okay. Thank you very much. Thank you for joining this media briefing.

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