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International Day of Yoga Celebrations

The 2nd International Day of Yoga (IDY) celebrations in Panama, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica were marked by an overwhelming official, as well as public response. Commending India’s gift of Yoga to the world, Dr. Irvin A. Halman, Administrator General of the National Authority for Government Innovation, and Dr. Jorge Motta, National Secretary for Science & Technology (SENACYT) – the highest ranking presidential advisors for strategic policy on S&T and Education – thanked the Ambassador of India, Ms. Shamma Jain for uniting India with Panama through Yoga. Dr. Motta expressed his keen interest in initiating Yoga classes for scientists at the SENACYT. Prof. Anatolio Guizado, General Director for Education, representing the Education Minister, H.E. Marcela Paredes de Vasquez, Dr. Rosa Maria Britton, renowned novelist, and Mr. Carlos Riera, Coordinator of Brigade of Light of the Office of the First Lady, among other dignitaries, highlighted the benefits of Yoga for a healthy lifestyle. Given Yoga’s immense popularity in Panama, it was not a coincidence that while the Offices of the First Lady of Panama, and the Mayor of Panama City, along with the National Cultural Institute, endorsed the Embassy’s 2nd IDY event, most of the prominent local Yoga institutes were closely associated with it. The Radio Panama aired Ambassador Shamma Jain’s one-hour long interview on modern India and its ancient tradition of Yoga. Similar enthusiasm was witnessed in Nicaragua where even a larger number of Yoga organizations had joined the Embassy at the over-subscribed event at the famed Ruben Dario National Theatre. In Costa Rica, over 200 adults and young children participated in a similar event, organized by the Embassy in cooperation with the Costa Rica Indian Association. The programme included the screening of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s video Message and gifting of the Government of India’s special publication on IDY 2015 to official dignitaries and screening of the Common Yoga Protocol documentary in Spanish. At the scenic ‘Farallon Hall’, located at the iconic “Parque Omar”, the event proceeded flawlessly, as the participants demonstrated complex yoga postures in a systematic and uniform manner, exuding positive energy. Young children performed yoga with equal enthusiasm and precision. The yoga practice ended with the chanting of a prayer for peace around the universe.