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Press Statement by Prime Minister during his visit to Mozambique (July 07, 2016)

July 07, 2016

Excellency, President Filipe Nyusi
Members of the Media
Thank you for your warm and wise words

I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments towards India, and our bilateral ties. President Nyusi, last year India was your first port of call in Asia.
Today, I am delighted to be in Mozambique as my first destination in mainland Africa.


Our shared struggles and suffering under colonial oppression brought our two countries together. India was one of the strongest supporters of Mozambican independence. But, it is not about the past history alone. President and I have also held detailed discussions on our shared vision for a stronger partnership in years ahead. In fact, Mozambique has already been one of the gateways for Indian investments into Africa. About one fourth of all Indian investments in Africa are in Mozambique Our ties of commerce and trade have continued to grow over the last decade. We are confident that under the leadership of President Nyusi Indian investments will continue to receive a nurturing environment in Mozambique.

Our partnership is also driven by a convergence of capacities and interests.

  • Whether it is agriculture or health care; or energy security
  • natural resources or technology;
  • skill development or institution building;
  • security or defence;

Mozambique’s strengths are also the areas of India’s need. And, what Mozambique requires, is available in India. We complement each other.President Nyusi had highlighted agricultural development as his top priority. Our experts have since held discussions on how we can work together to improve agricultural infrastructure and productivity in Mozambique.Today, we agreed to put this cooperation on the fast track. We are also strengthening our partnership in food security. India commitment to buy pulses from Mozambique would help meet India's requirement.It will also facilitate long-term investments in commercial farming, generate farm employment and raise farmer's incomes in this country.Health care is another area where India's capacities and Mozambican needs match well. India will be donating essential medicines for the Mozambican public health system, including medicines for treatment of AIDS.


About 20,000 Mozambican citizens can trace their ancestry to India.They are a living bridge between our economies and our societies.I am particularly happy about our agreement to facilitate youth and sports cooperation and exchanges.I am also looking forward to my interaction later today, with Mozambican youth who have studied in India.


We want our development and economic ties to benefit our societies. We also want our partnership to ensure the safety and security of our people. President Nyusi and I recognize that terrorism is the gravest security threat facing the world today.Mozambique and India are no exceptions. Terrorism impacts India and Mozambique equallyThe networks of terror are inter-linked with other trans-national crimes. Our agreement on prevention of drug trafficking is a testimony to our shared determination to combat this menace and these networks. India and Mozambique are connected by the Indian Ocean. It is an ocean of many economic opportunities. But, we are also aware of the emerging strategic and security challenges in the maritime domain.To advance our shared security interests, President and I have today agreed to strengthen our defence and security relationship.We will work together to support the Mozambican defence forces. By building capacities and institutions, training of personnel, supply of equipment, and in responding to their other emerging needs.


Our cooperation is not just for our common prosperity. We are also mindful of the larger regional and global good. We have stood with each other in the international arena on a range of issues. From the reform of UN Security Council, to the adoption of 21 June as the International Day of Yoga.Last year, at the COP-21 Summit in Paris, India led a major effort to promote solar energy as a source of renewable energy.For this, we formed the International Solar Alliance to counter climate change. The Alliance has the support of over 120 countries and we greatly value Mozambique's partnership in this initiative.


In Mozambique's march towards economic prosperity, India will walk every step of the way. We will be a trusted friend in your development. And, a reliable partner in ensuring a bright, safe and secure future for our people.I once again thank President Nyusi, the government and people of Mozambique for their warm reception and generous hospitality extended to me and my delegation.

Thank you
Thank you very much.


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