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Goodwill visit of two Indian naval ships to Jubail Port, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 25 to 28 March 2002

April 01, 2002

Goodwill visit of two Indian naval ships to Jubail Port, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 25 to 28 March 2002

  • Indian Naval Ships, INS Mysore and INS Godavari with their display of majestic splendour steamed into the Jabail Commercial Port on the morning of 25 March 2002. They were accorded a warm welcome by the Saudi Naval and Port authorities.
  • H.E. Mr. Talmiz Ahmad, Ambassador of India to Saudi Arabia accompanied by Captain AR Radhakrishnan, commanding INS MYSORE, Captain CGS Khan commanding INS GODAVARI and Colonel GS Bal, Defence Attache called on H.E. Mr. Abdul Mohisin Al Atiashan, Emir of Jubail. During the visit, the Emir was briefed about the features of the two naval vessels which have been indigenously designed by naval architects and constructed by Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai. It was hoped that the visit of the Indian Naval Ships to Saudi Arabia was a precursor to a wider dimension of defence cooperation between India and Saudi Arabia. The Captains also called on the Director General Jubail Commercial Port Engr Ibrahim Mohammed Al Tayb.
  • During their stay at Jubail Port the Captains and officers of the Indian Naval Ships had close interaction with their Royal Saudi Naval counterparts. The two sides evinced a lot of interest in the ‘Passage Exercise', which is being held today (28 March 2002). The ‘Passage Exercise' is conducted by naval ships with the host navy on the termination of the goodwill visit. Cross helicopter landing, maneuvers, flag hoisting drills and ‘photoex' are some of the events which were jointly planned by the operations officers of the two navies. The Captains of the ships called on the Commander, Royal Saudi Eastern Fleet; Commander, Eastern Naval Base; Commander of the Naval School at Jubail and Commander, Coast Guard. Social interaction between the two navies included a friendly football match at the Naval Base and a lunch hosted for the officers and crew of the Indian Ships by the Fleet Commander at the officers' club, Royal Saudi Naval Base. A reception hosted on-board INS MYSORE was enthusiastically attended by a cross section of Royal Saudi naval officers, the Defence Attache community, port authorities and prominent members of the Indian Expatriate community.
  • Speaking during a press conference on 26 March 2002 the Ambassador emphasized that the visit of Indian Naval Ships to Jubail during June 1998 and March 2002 and Jeddah during September 2000, signified the growing warmth in Indo-Saudi relations and hoped that future interactions in defence related fields would foster and enhance Indo-Saudi defence cooperation.
  • INS MYSORE is a general purpose destroyer embodying the very cutting edge of technology and is capable of operating in a multi-threat environment. Her impressive array of weapons, sensors, equipment and machinery equip her adequately for neutralizing any adversary at sea, below it, or in the airspace above it and appropriately suit her motto "Always Fearless”. INS MYSORE has state-of-the art sensor packages of various radars, sonars and electronic warfare equipment. The two helicopters on board, in addition to their own weapons suite, are formidable force multipliers. The ship incorporates the latest in stealth technology, reducing her vulnerability to detection and attack. The ship is also capable of surviving and operating in an area of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. INS GODAVARI boasts of an impressive array of weapons and sensors encompassing all three dimensions namely air, surface and subsurface. Her weapons include surface to surface, surface to air missiles and torpedoes. Her advanced sensor outfit includes state-of-the art sonars, long range early warning radars and a modern electronic warfare suite. This integrated package of sensors and weapons enables the ship to counter multi-dimensional threats, be they sub-surface, surface or airborne. INS GODAVARI is manned by 300 men whose professionalism and dedication ensures that she always lives upto her motto "Alert, Aware, Fearless”.
  • The visit has created a favourable impact on the Saudi Navy, who have been particularly impressed by the fact that not only both the ships have been constructed in India but are also of indigenous design. They have also been witness to the harmony in which personnel of varied cultural, religious and ethnic origin co-exist and work together on-board. The size and capability of the ships attracted many senior Saudi naval personnel to visit the ships. The morale of the Indian community has gained an immense boost as well.

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