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Chinese President’s Special Envoy calls on Prime Minister

June 09, 2014

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi received Mr. Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Minister and Special Envoy of Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping this evening. PM appreciated an oral message from President Xi conveyed by the Special Envoy, which underlined the importance attached by the Chinese government to building relations with the new government of India, reaffirmed its positive perception of India’s role in the world and conveyed its expectation and desire for the future direction of bilateral relations as both countries pursue their respective developmental dreams.

PM reiterated to the Special Envoy our invitation to President Xi to visit India later this year. PM also accepted the Chinese Premier Mr. Li Keqiang’s invitation to pay an early visit to China. The two sides will remain in touch through the diplomatic channel to make necessary arrangements for these visits and for other meetings and exchanges of leaders on the sidelines of multilateral Summits.

PM emphasized the potential for greater cooperation between India and China for a strong and prosperous Asia, working for mutually beneficial trade and investment as economic partners, joining hands in various areas like counter-terrorism as neighbours, and promoting vigorous cultural exchanges as inheritors of ancient civilizations having extensive historical and spiritual contacts.

New Delhi,
June 09, 2014

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