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Remarks by Shri V. Muraleedharan, Minister of State for External Affairs at the Inauguration Ceremony of ICCR Regional Centre, Delhi University

March 04, 2021

Shri P.C. Joshi, Vice Chancellor, Delhi University
Shri Vikas Gupta, Registrar, Delhi University
Shri Dinesh Patnaik, DG, ICCR
Prof. Balaram Pani, Dean, Delhi University
Prof. Suman Kundu, Director, South-Campus
Dr. Amarjiva Lochan, Foreign Students Registry
Student Friends
Distinguished Guests

Namaskaram and Good evening

  • I am glad to be here today to inaugurate the ICCR Regional Centre in Delhi University. I congratulate the University and ICCR for joining hands on this important initiative. As both ICCR and the University have a common objective of development and dissemination of knowledge, this step will provide further impetus to the ongoing efforts of both the institutions.
  • I was told that there are more than 2000 overseas students at this University. I am glad to note that the University’s intake through the ICCR scholarship has seen a massive increase of almost 300 % in the year 2020-21.
  • The Regional Centre right in the heart of University of Delhi would help ensure smoother coordination and requisite liaising between the ICCR, students and the University.
  • I am confident that the ICCR Centre will be a unique abode for serving the overseas students not only in Delhi but also in the whole region.


  • India has been one of the most sought after destinations for education since time immemorial. The Indian knowledge traditions and our world class Universities like Taxila and Nalanda were revered by the scholars across the world. The roots of our ancient heritage stand strong in our belief system, psyche of our people and the intellect of our researchers and teachers.
  • India’s diversity and vibrant history tenders a broad range of options for higher studies and attracts inquisitive minds from across the globe. With access both to such rich and diverse culture as well as being a rapidly growing country on the cutting edge of the technological revolution, studying in India opens new vistas for the younger generations.


  • ICCR with a mandate to propagate India’s rich cultural and educational heritage, operates various programmes which also include administering of scholarship programmes of the Government. Under the Scholarship programme, it annually awards close to 4000 scholarship under 26 different schemes to foreign students from about 140 countries. The courses offered for studies are for under-graduation, post-graduation and M. Phil/ PhD levels.
  • The learning experience that India offers to foreign students is unique. We welcome more and more foreign students to come and study in India. When they come here, we treat them as our family. In the process, they take back a bit of ‘India’ along with them. For India, the whole world is one family and we nurture all our students – Indian or foreign – as our own students, with the spirit of Vasudaiv Kutumbakam. This is one of the unique aspects of studying in India.


  • In a step forward towards "Digital India”, ICCR developed "Admissions to Alumni (A2A) Portal” to streamline and make the scholarship process transparent. With the introduction of the portal from the academic year 2018-19 onwards, ICCR scholarship programmes are not only digitized for aspiring foreign students but also have become effortless and transparent offering wide choices to the students. The portal contains all relevant information regarding ICCR sponsored scholarship schemes and other information like name of the Indian universities, courses offered by them and guideline of scholarship schemes etc.


  • As you all would appreciate, the new National Education Policy (2020) is a right step towards gearing up our younger generation as the most precious human capital of the world. It would transform higher education by making it more holistic and multidisciplinary with a focus on Skilling, Entrepreneurship & excellence in quality, including in vocational courses.
  • The New Education Policy 2020 emphasizes on developing an Indian approach to internationalization of higher education. This joint collaboration between ICCR and Delhi University is a welcome step in that direction.
  • I once again congratulate Delhi University and ICCR on this important step of instituting the ICCR Regional Centre at Delhi University.
Thank you

Jai Hind!

New Delhi
March 04, 2021


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