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Transcript of Weekly Media Briefing by the Official Spokesperson (June 02, 2022)

June 03, 2022

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: Good afternoon to all of you. Thank you for joining us for this Weekly Media Briefing. We don't have any particular announcements to begin with, so I'll open the floor for queries and comments.

Madhurendra: Madhurendra main News Nation se. Mera sawal Sir Afghanistan ko lekar hai. Taliban ke vahan satta aane ke baad pehla delegation agar dekhen officially to Kabul gaya hai, to kya purpose hai iss visit ka, kya agenda hai aur kya maana jaye ki hamari embassy ab jaldi hi vahan operate karna shuru kar degi ? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) I am Madhurendra from News Nation. My question Sir is about Afghanistan. This is the first delegation from India that has visited Kabul officially, after the Taliban came to power there. So what is the purpose of this visit, what is the agenda and should it be assumed that our embassy will start operating there soon?

Reza: Reza from Hindustan Times. I just wanted to get a general sense of, you know, the composition of the team if we could have some details. And also, what are the other places that they might be visiting? And if we could get a few more details on this visit and whether we are looking at some sort of more substantive engagement with the Taliban.

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: We're looking at only Afghanistan questions right now. So I'll come back to that.

Yashee: This is Yashee from The New Indian Express. I'd like to know what comes next - is the Indian consulate likely to reopen? Sorry, the embassy?

Kadambini Sharma: Kadambini Sharma from NDTV India. Mein janna chahti hun ki jo ye delegation gaya hai J.P. Singh ki aguvai mein Kabul woh Kabul ke alava kahan kahan par jayenge? Kitne din ka ye trip hai? Aur jo bayaan mein kaha gaya hai aapke ki Taliban ke senior sadasyon se mulakat hogi to kya kuchh naam bhi hai in senior sadasyon ke jo aap mere saath share kar sakein. (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Kadambani Sharma from NDTV India. I want to know that this delegation which has gone to Kabul under the leadership of J.P. Singh, where all will they go other than Kabul? For how many days this trip will last? And as it was said in your statement that they will meet the senior members of the Taliban, do you have names of these senior members which you can share with me?

Sidhant: Sir, Sidhant from WION. How long this visit will be? And secondly, are we looking to formally recognize the Taliban regime in Kabul?

Kavita: Sir main Kavita hoon Hari Bhoomi Newspaper se. Mera sawal ye hai Sir ki ye jo delegation gaya hai India ka Kabul uss mein kya security officials bhi hai, raksha mantralaya ke bhi koi pratinidhi hai ? Aur iska matlab ye jo jis tarah ki adhikarik varta hai pehli jo baithak hone ja rahi hai Kabul mein isko ye maana jaye ki Bharat Taliban ki sarakar ko ya Taliban ko manyata dene ke bhi taraf kadam badha raha hai? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate translation) Sir, I am Kavita from Hari Bhoomi Newspaper. My question is Sir that this delegation that has gone from India to Kabul, does it include security officials also in it, representatives of the Defense Ministry? And from this kind of first official dialogue or first meeting that is going to be held in Kabul, should we consider that India is also taking steps towards recognizing the Taliban or Taliban government?

Umashankar Singh: Umashankar Singh NDTV India. Mera sawal hai ki iss sthiti tak pahunchane se pehle kiss tarah ki security guarantee Taliban ke taraf se di gai kyonki isi tarah ki ashanka thi jab hamane wahan se withdraw kiya tha apne diplomats ko, apne mission ko aur kis level pe ye security guarantee di gai kyonki hamane apane adhikariyon ko vahan jo bheja hai unki suraksha ki bhi chinta rahi hogi, to kis level pe ye guarantee di gayi ? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) My question is, what kind of security guarantee was given by the Taliban? Because there was a similar apprehension when we withdrew our diplomats, our mission from there and at what level this security guarantee was given because there must be concerns about the security of our officials whom we have sent there. At what level was this guarantee given?

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: I think we put out a pretty detailed press release in the morning, which gives us a sense of why our team is there. Our team is currently there, so you will also agree that I would not be able to discuss too much about that. I think we already shared with you, almost in real time, what exactly is the purpose of the visit. But since many of you have asked questions, let me just go through some of these elements. I will try to just bunch them up because I think of some similarities in them. Look, the team is headed by our Joint Secretary from our PAI division, it's called Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran division, Shri J.P. Singh, and it's a multi-member team. I'm not in a position to share the composition of the delegation. I think somebody asked about composition of the team. Suffice that it is of relevant officials who are required for this purpose of humanitarian assistance delivery operations that they are going to oversee.

So I think aapne ek question puchha. Security guarantee ke baare mein pooch rahe the, what levels. Dekhiye ye sab details hum publicly baat nahi kar sakte. Lekin ye to aapko manna hi hoga ki hamari team jo gai hai to hum security of humari team or officials par bhari focus rakhte hain taki unko koi dikkat na ho. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) I think you were asking about security guarantees, what levels they were given. See we can't share these details publicly. But you have to accept that since our team has gone there, we would have kept a lot of focus on security of our team/officials so that they don't have any problem.

Let me just go back to some of the elements that came up in our conversations. Look, let me start off with the basic situation. The composition, as I said, I'm not in a position to say, but you would get a sense of the composition from what we have said. Our team will be meeting with representatives of international organizations, as you know, they are involved in distribution of our humanitarian assistance, these international organizations, so they are one focus area. Team will try to visit various places where our programs and projects are being implemented. But again, would that be in Kabul and outside, let me for the moment avoid responding to that specifically for various reasons and also on how long and etc. Look, this is a trip that's happening right now. So let me not give any more further details of it. And in connection with our humanitarian assistance, as I just mentioned, as said in our press release, the team will meet senior members of the Taliban. And I really don't have much else to share on that part of it, on the details of who, where, what, where. If and when we have more details to share, we will certainly do so. But please bear with us. This is a visit that's still going on in a difficult situation.

As regards the recognition, koi hindi mein pucha tha aapne aise manyata, recognition. Usake pahale reopening ki baat karte hai, aapne puchha tha reopening aisa kuchh. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) In Hindi you had asked about recognition, but let’s talk about reopening before that?

So I'll do it in Hindi & English to the extent possible so that you have it. On the reopening of the embassy, I think we should look at what are the developments since last August. Post 15th of August last year in 2021, in the light of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, it was decided to bring back all India based personnel, all India based officials. But however, local staff have continued to function and ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of our premises there. And our local staff have also been assisting in the delivery of humanitarian assistance. So that's an important element. Let me add that India of course has historical and civilizational ties with Afghan people. And these long standing ties will continue to guide our approach to Afghanistan. You will hear me say this repeatedly. I think maybe I'll try to figure out in Hindi.

Jaisa ki aap jaante hai ki pichhle varsh 15 August ke baad Afghanistan mein bigadte hue suraksha sthiti ko dekhate hue hamare India based adhikariyon ko wapis lane ka ek decision liya gaya tha. Halanki local staffs ne karya karna jaari rakha tha aur abhi bhi woh hamare parisar ka uchit rakh-rakhav sunishchit karte hai aur hamare local staff bhi manaviya sahayata pradan karane men sahayata kar rahe hai. Bharat ke Afghan logo ke saath aitihaasik aur civilizational sambandh hai aur woh lambe samay se chale a rahe sambandh hamare approach ka margdarshan karte rahenge. To ye rahi baat about the reopening of the embassy. As regards somebody also mentioned, is this a recognition? Dekhiye ye pehla visit hai kabul mein. Pehle contact ho chuka hai, official contact ho chuka hai Taliban k sath but ye pehla visit hai Kabul mein. Aap pooch rahe the ismen manyata dene wali baat. Mujhe lagta hai aap is yatra men jyada hi gaur farma rahe hai aur gaur kar rahe hai us drishtikon se. Ye yatra Afghanistan ke logo ko hamari manviya sahayata ke baare mein hai jaisa ki hamne apne press release mein bataya hai. Ham vibhinn rupon mein manaviya sahayata pradan karate rahe hai usake details press release mein they. Aur aaj ki yatra is sahayata ke vitaran ke nigrani karne ke liye hai aur logo se batchit bhi hogi aur jaisa maine kaha ki Afghan logo ke sath bharat ke aitihasik aur civilization sambandh, hamare jo approach rahegi uske baare mein hai. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) As you are aware, after 15th August last year, in view of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, a decision was taken to bring back our India based officials. However, the local staff has continued to work, is still working and they ensure proper maintenance of our premises and are also assisting in providing humanitarian assistance. India has historical and civilizational ties with the Afghan people and those long-standing relations will continue to guide our approach. So this is all about the reopening of the embassy. As regards somebody also mentioned, is this a recognition? See, this is the first visit to Kabul. Earlier, the official contact has been established with the Taliban, but this is the first visit to Kabul. You were asking about recognition, I think you are reading too much into this visit from that perspective. This visit is about our humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, as we mentioned in our press release. We have been providing humanitarian assistance in various forms, the details of which are in the press release. And this visit is to monitor the distribution of this assistance and there will be conversation with the relevant people on that. And as I said, India's historical and civilizational relations with the Afghan people will continue to guide our approach towards Afghanistan.

I have an English version of that for those who asked, I think you're reading far too much into this visit. This visit is about our humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. And as we outlined in our press release, we have been providing humanitarian assistance in various forms. The ongoing visit is to oversee the delivery of this assistance and they will have discussions with the relevant people for that. And as I said, India has historical and civilizational ties with the Afghan people and these long standing ties will guide or will continue to guide our approach to Afghanistan.

So I think Madhurendra , you were asking about the delegation purpose, agenda. I have answered it. Reza you were asking about the composition of teams, other places, largely at Kabul; but look as I said I'm not in a position to share anything furthermore. Yashi you asked what embassy, it’s similar. Kadambani asked about whom they are meeting, who they are, their names? The visit is in progress and we will share whatever we could share later. Sidhant same to you. I've answered recognition issue. On Security officers, see in these types of visits composition is there, which we will not be able to make public at this stage. We named Mr. J.P. Singh who is Joint Secretary.

Vinit Dixit: This humanitarian aid, will this include followers, the areas where the followers of Ahmad Shah Massoud are there, the Northern Alliance people? They also require a higher level of humanitarian aid.

Sandhya: Sir, Sandhya from ET. Sir a quick question, as a follow up is India going to nudge Taliban on reopening of Indian Embassy? Is that on the table as part of the discussion?

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: If I got the words correct, we will nudge Taliban to reopen our embassy. Is that what you asked?

Sandhya: Apparently Taliban has not agreed that India can open a full fledged embassy.

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: You have the privilege of speculating but I do not.

Sridhar: Sir this entire question of reopening the embassy can you tell us whether it be tantamount to some sort of recognition of the regime and what happens to the representatives of the erstwhile regime who are here in Delhi, the Afghan Ambassador here Farid Mamundzay and his team. What happens to that in case we reopen our embassy there then what happen? Are we going to allow the Taliban also reciprocity in this matter?

Sachin: Mera naam Sachin hai, main Univarta se hoon mera sawal ye hai ki Afghanistan ko jo bhi hamane manviya sahayata ke roop mein genhu, davaen aur vaccine vagerah bheji hain, kya ye Afghanistan mein sabhi vargon ko sabhi logo ko saman roop se mil rahe hai ? (Questioned in Hindi;Approximate Translation) My name is Sachin, I am from Univarta, my question is that whatever we have sent - wheat, medicines and vaccines to Afghanistan as humanitarian aid, are all sections of people in Afghanistan getting them equally?

Niraj: Sir Afghanistan ke taraf se vahan ke Taliban sarkar ke taraf se abhi kisi pratinidhi mandal ke taraf se anurodh aaya hai ki wo bharat ki yatra karen, abhi tak ? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sir, have we received any request from Afghan side, from the Taliban government to visit India, so far?

Rajesh Mishra: Sir, Rajesh Mishra, Nepal’s Kantipur Media Group. Sir presence of an Indian official in Kabul, can be seen as a change in India's view of the Taliban government and an increase in diplomatic engagement with them? Thank you.

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: I think I'm hearing the same set of queries on that. Look, let me start with the distribution of our assistance or reaching the people, I think there were couple of questions on that. I think Sachin was asking and you also asked. Look, we have been sending a lot of assistance. In fact, in our press release, we have highlighted and I have that here. We promised 50,000 tonnes of wheat, 20,000 tonnes are already there, 13 tonnes of medicines, half a million doses of COVID vaccine, winter clothing. We have done this through different routes. Medicines, we have gone to the Indira Gandhi Children's Hospital, Kabul. Our other assistance has largely been going through the international organizations, the UN and other bodies, particularly WHO, WFP, we are also with UNICEF with polio vaccine, medicines etc. So it is through them that is going. They have a process of reaching out to whoever requires it, the most needy and I would leave it at that because this is something that we hand over to them. As you know we do not have officials on the ground to be able to comment on the kind of issues that you have. We certainly have not specified which section or which area or who should get it. This is about to the people of Afghanistan as I keep on mentioning that, and I think our effort to ensure that it reaches the people who require it, from our perspective is done through organizations that are partners like the international organizations, which are on the ground in Afghanistan. So I think that's how I would like to emphasize.

Sachin ji main aapko bhi yahi jawab doonga ki hamlog ye international organization hain, UN ke organization hain, unke saath kaam karte hai, unaki sahayata se ye manviya sahayata ja rahi hai. Aur hamane aisa kuchh nahi kaha ki inako bhejna hai ya nahi. Jinko jaruratmand hai unke paas jaana chaheye. Kiss had tak har kisi ko pahunch raha hai yeh hum keh nahi sakte hain. Par hamari apeksha yahi rahegi ki jo organization de rahe hain, sabko jinko jarurat hai unke pass ja rahi hai . (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sachin Ji, I will give you the same answer, that we are working with these international organizations, the UN organizations. With their help, this humanitarian aid is going. And we have not specified anything on who should get it. It should go to everyone who is in need. To what extent it is reaching everyone, we can't say. But our expectation is that through these organizations, humanitarian aid is reaching everyone who is in need. So that was about the assistance.

Sandhya, on this nudge thing I'm not in a position to agree to the thesis of I don't know, who's nudging whom. If you go back to what I said, and I am happy to repeat that, given the deteriorating situation last August, we had to pull out our India based officials, our local staff continue to be there. They have looked after the premises; they're looking after the maintenance upkeep. And I am not sure whether this is the issue of any nudge or otherwise. If there is any update on this situation, we will be happy to share with you. At this point we don't. All I can say is our historical and civilizational ties with Afghan people will guide our approach to what we do in Afghanistan.

Similarly, I think there was a question on request from Taliban, jaane ke liye. Dekhiye vahan team hai ab woh manviya sahayata ke liye gai hai. I am not aware specific kuchh aapne jaisa question puchha, uss mein koi specific mere pass information nahi hai. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Similarly, I think there was a question on request from Taliban for visiting India. See, there is a team there, now they have gone for humanitarian assistance. I don’t have any specific information regarding the question that you’ve asked.

Rajesh, you mentioned diplomatic engagement. I did not characterize the visit that way at all. Now let me reiterate it again, from our press release. And I want to be accurate on this one. The team is there to oversee delivery operations of our humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. I don't see any other element on which I can comment on. You asked about the view of Taliban or it's a diplomatic engagement. These are beyond the scope, as I just said do not read too much into the visit today.

Sridhar, you asked about whether the reopening of the embassy would be tantamount to recognizing it. I have a problem on the first part of it. As I said, I haven't made any comment on that element. So I don't think the second part applies. And, again, related to that there is an Afghan embassy here operating so I'm not sure. Yes, there are issues there which have to be resolved. I think the international community itself is looking at it. We are engaged with them on the larger issue- what the expectations are from the Taliban, the international community's expectation. And I think that remains there. We'll continue to engage with the international community on issues related to Afghanistan, including the issue of recognition and expectations the international community has from them. I think that probably closes the list on Afghanistan. If there any other topic I'm happy to take questions.

Sanjana Sharma: Main Sanjana Sharma Sanmarg se hoon. China mein padhne vaale medical students ne kal jantar-mantar par pradarshan kiya aur unhonne kaha ki unka future bahut aisa hai to kya diplomatic star par un students ko china accept kare ya unki classes ho ispar koi prayas kiya jaega kya ? (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sanjana Sharma from Sanmarg. The medical students studying in China staged a demonstration at Jantar Mantar yesterday and they said that their future is in dark, so will there be any effort at the diplomatic level so that China accepts those students and the classes could start?

Jai Prakash: Sir main Jai Prakash hoon Dainik Jagaran se. Mera sawal hai ki kal Pakistan ke Prime Minister ne bharat ke saath ekbaar phir trade relation ki baat ki hai aur is beech kai jo Pakistan aur India ke media mein bhi news aaya hai ki back channel varta bhi ho rahi hai ispar bharat sarkar ka kya (inaudible) . (Questioned in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sir I am Jai Prakash from Dainik Jagran, my question is that yesterday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has once again talked about the trade relationship with India and also many of the news channels of Pakistan and India have spoken that back-channel talks are also taking place. What’s the stand of Government of India on this?

Nivedita: This is Nivedita from Swarajya. Regarding the EAM’s visit to Slovakia and Czech Republic, is there a specific economic agenda to the visit?

Srinjoy: Sir, Times Now. There has been a meeting between officials but is a commanders meeting between the Indian and the Chinese forces in Ladakh, likely? And what are the dates?

Ranjana: Sir, Ranjana from UNI. Yesterday the EAM in his speech at KK Nayyar Memorial on the Quad, so he specifically said there should be no attempt to straightjacket with the Quad and there should not be congruence and there should be convergence. So was there any specific reason why he mentioned that? He highlighted that in his tweets.

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: I think I will take this round and come back. Actually, let me start with Shrinjoy on the issue of China. You mentioned about the WMCC what you're referring to, which happened on 31st. We had put out a press release on that. I don't have much to add to that. To be honest, as you saw in that press release, what we said was that as instructed by the two foreign ministers, both sides agreed that they should continue the discussions through diplomatic and military channels to resolve remaining issues so as to create conditions for restoration to normalcy in bilateral relations. We've been saying this repeatedly and this was there in the press release that we issued. What is important is they agreed to hold the senior commander meeting that you are referring to at an early date to achieve the objective of complete disengagement at all friction points along the LAC in western sector in accordance with the existing bilateral agreements and protocols. I am not aware of any particular date that I can share with you at this point but I would like to emphasize that we look forward to this commanders meeting at an early date.

Jai Prakash ji ne poochha tha trade relation or back channel, dono ke bare main. Dekhiye back channel ko main speculative media reports kahunga and us baaren mein main koi comment nahi karna chahunga . Hamare dutavas hain, functioning hai, donon jagah kaam kar rahi hai aur woh apne jo interlocutor hai unke sath batchit chal rahi hai unki. Toh ye speculative media reports par tippani nahi karna chahunga. Hamare sambandhit High commission apne karya kar rahi hain aur apne interlocutor ke saath sampark mein hai. Aur Pakistan ke sath batchit ke sambandh mein lagatar hamari yahi position rahi hai ki terror, hostility or violence se mukt anukul ek mahaul ho aur Pakistan ke saath hum samanya neighbourly relation chahte hai. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Jai Prakash ji asked about the trade relation and back channel. I'll call back channel as speculative media reports and I don't want to comment on that. Our High Commission is functional and they are in talks with their interlocutors. So I would not like to comment on these speculative media reports. Our respective High Commissions are doing their job and are in touch with their interlocutors. With regard to the dialogue with Pakistan, it has been our consistent position that there should be a conducive atmosphere free from terror, hostility and violence and that we want a normal neighbourly relationship with Pakistan.

As you know, we have we been saying this repeatedly, on the dialogue, our consistent position has been that we desire normal neighbourly relations with Pakistan in a conducive atmosphere free of terror, hostility and violence. And I would not like to comment on speculative media reports that you refer to and our respective High Commissions are functioning and are in touch with their interlocutors in terms of conversations. As regards the trade part, look, I normally usually won't comment on general thing that I haven't seen in detail, but yes we have never felt the trade ties should be stopped or in fact we have always been pushing for normal neighbour relations and trade certainly has been part of that. If anything I think it has been Pakistan who had some concerns on that. From our side I think this is not something that we have been holding back on.

Sanjana ji aapne bharatiya students ke cheen mein jaane par pooncha. Dekhiye is vishay par toh baar baar baat kar rahe hai recently kuchh movement bhi hui thi koi list vagerah unhonne mangi thi chini side se. Hum toh yahi doharaate rahenge ki jitni jaldi ho sake hamare students vahan pe vapas ja paayen, apni padhai kar payen. Abhi tak hui nahi hai or hum isko nirantar ispar prayas chalta rahega hamara. Protest ke baaren mein main kah nahi sakta, maine dekha nahi hai. Par hum ashwashan dena chahte hai har students ko ki hum ye har mauke pe raise karte hai chini side se aur kuchh movement hui hai aur dekhte hai agar woh jab tak pahunch nahi paye, tab tak safal nahi hoga aise prayas. (Answered in Hindi; Approximate Translation) Sanjana ji, you have raised issue of Indian students going to China. Look at this topic, there has been a lot of movement, there was also a list asked by the Chinese side. We will keep on repeating that, as soon as possible our students should be able to go back there and get their studies done. It has not happened yet and on this our efforts are ongoing. I can't comment on the protest, I haven't seen it. But we want to assure every student that we raise this issue at every opportunity with the Chinese side and there has been some movement. Our efforts will continue until the students return back to China.

I think Nivedita, asked me about EAM. That's the most difficult one in the sense why have you limited it to an economic agenda and I think we put out a press release. The External Affairs Minister when he goes has a usually a very comprehensive agenda to look at all aspects. He's going to two important countries in Central Europe. It's a visit that's going on. So I would hesitate to give you too much more details at this stage, just keep following it. External Affairs Minister's office usually puts out stuff and we also do. He has just reached Slovakia today. So I think just let the visit happen and we'll try to share with you more updates. Certainly economic engagement is an important element. But I assure you, there will be many other elements on the agenda, and we will try to share with you whatever we can as the visit progresses.

Coming back to Ranjana, you asked about the Quad, and EAM’s comment, I would take the easy way out and say look, I do not clarify what External Affairs Minister or other senior dignitaries comment. If you have to seek a clarification, you have to ask him. But just on the larger issue, I think he made a very simple point. I mean, he's always been talking about what the Quad stands for - the positive approach, the positive agenda and what four countries want to do. And he just made a comment that perhaps this shouldn't be straitjacketed or seen from a particular prism. I don't think I have anything more on why he said that. I would be guessing on his behalf. And I would not like to do that. I don’t wish to speculate on why he would have said it. I do know that some people seem to present the Quad in a different perspective than what we see. Maybe it's a response to that. But here, I'm completely guessing. I think I'll leave it at that.

Arpit Goel: Arpit Goel, CNN International. Is India looking at increasing oil imports from Russia? And is there an effort to negotiate better rates for these imports?

Yashi: Is Myanmar going to be invited for the India-ASEAN meet?

Sidhant: Sir since the wheat ban, which has been put how many requests we have received from various government to government level, and how many we are able to fulfil if you can give any details on that.

Shri Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson: Let me start with the easier ones. Yashi, what India-ASEAN meeting? We haven't announced anything yet. However, we will. As you know, this year is a special year, I think we marked the 30th anniversary of our contacts with ASEAN in a formal mechanism in 1992. So there are plans, and at that point, we will share with you exactly what the modalities are. So for the moment, I don't have anything to share with you on that. On Sidhant, simple answer. I'm not in a position to share any of those things that you want. I would love to have it, I don't have it. And even if I did, I'm not sure how much government to government conversations can be shared on these things. On the wheat, I think our position is pretty clear. I won’t reiterate that. On the issue of I think oil, you had asked a question. Look, let me take a larger point on this one. The questions you're asking is not in the scope of foreign policy in terms of better rates, or whoever's quoting rates, I'm not even sure it's a government to government procurement. So you'll have to ask the traders and all who buy it. But let me make a larger point, we have consistently maintained that our approach to oil imports from Russia is guided, will be guided by our energy security requirements. So let me emphasize that, again, our consistent position has been that our approach to this oil procurement, oil purchase from Russia is guided by our energy security requirements. You would note that many regions and countries have recently taken policy decisions with a similar perspective. And let me in that context, reiterate that this issue of oil purchase from Russia is not an India related issue at all. I think that will be a wrong perspective on it and I will leave it at that. Okay, thank you very much and see you next week. Namaskar.

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