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Foreign Secretary's visit to Nepal

September 13, 2013

The Foreign Secretary of India, Smt. Sujatha Singh, is visiting Nepal from September 14-15, 2013. This is one of her first bilateral visits after taking over as Foreign Secretary of India on August 1, 2013 and reflects the importance that India attaches to its relations with Nepal. The visit will provide an opportunity to review and further develop the partnership between the two countries and reiterate support for the expression of democratic aspirations by the people of Nepal.

New Delhi
September 13, 2013

Click here for Bengali version FM_Nepal.pdf [21 KB]

Click here for Malayalam version Visit_nepal.pdf [50 KB]

Click here for Telugu version Nepal.pdf [35 KB]

Click here for Assamese version Foriegn_Nepal.pdf [30 KB]

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